Great Lengths launches Voices, a project to give voice to 7 contemporary women.
Each of them is unique within the group, but they share the wish to talk about the changes and challenges that they faced during their life.


Any human experience is never ordinary for
Great Lengths, and the choice of such a varied group of women is conscious. The idea behind these interviews is to encourage other women to reveal themselves, embrace their stories, and face situations that need courage and confidence

Great Lengths believes that confidence is achievable in various ways, also through the way we perceive our appearance: for this reason, the company has always manufactured the best hair extensions possible. For many people, this is a dream come true: a change that makes the difference

What’s your Voice?

We present the women leading our project Voices, who revealed their stories and the challenges that made them grow and grow. Every interview ends with the question “What’s your voice?” and the answer is only one word summing up the meaning of each one of these stories

Meet the


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