ALWAYS going
great lengths

With these words, we want to communicate our commitment to work constantly to improve the environmental and social impact, while maintaining the care and dedication invested in the research of a high-quality product for our customers.

For 30 years we have been leaders in the production of extensions Made in Italy and our history is full of key players who contribute to making Great Lengths extensions a high-quality product. From the skilled artisans who have gained decades of experience in their work to the researchers who spend their time improving the production process making it more advanced and sustainable. 

We show our commitment to the B Corp certification achieved in 2022 with a score of 103. We received this score on the B Impact Assessment, a tool that measures the impact on several areas of concern, and only if your score exceeds 80 points you can get the certification.


Great Lengths is the first
company in the extension
industry worldwide to
achieve the B Corp
We see this achievement as
the starting point for even
greater ambition.


A history of


Our story begins in 1992 when we started developing the desire to create extensions made from natural hair that would give our clients beauty and confidence through increased volume and length.


In 1996 the "start-up" born in a garage in Via Degli Equi in Rome (San Lorenzo district) needed larger spaces for better management of orders coming from all over the world. Therefore, the production site moved to the doors of Rome in Nepi.


Over the years, GL has designed several technologies, such as the Ultrasonic Machine, launched in 2001, featuring the innovative cold application method.


In addition, to implement the experimentation of production processes, they established the internal department of Research and Development in 2013. Together with the collaboration with La Tuscia University, the internal laboratory was founded.


The desire to expand distribution and invest in Europe led to the opening of the new production hub in Austria in 2016, encouraging the development of new markets and reducing transportation.


In 2017 Great Lengths collaborated with the CNR of Biella, which specialized in the textile sector. This collaboration has allowed the research of innovative methods for the optimization of production cycles.


In 2018, establishing a water reclamation facility was initiated.

  • Certified from 2015 to UNI EN ISO 9001:2015
  • Certified from 2017 to UNI EN ISO 14001:2015
  • Certified from 2011 to OHSAS 18001: 2007, then from 2020 certified to UNI ISO 45001:2018


In 2021, Great Lengths concretized its values in the Ethics Charter becoming a Benefit Society.


In 2022, we achieved the B Corp certification and subsequently, we also joined the B Corp Beauty Coalition network.

The goal of 2022 is to activate a reorganization process for the production hub.


What is a B corp?


B Corp is characterized by a new business concept
through which, thanks to a responsible, sustainable
and transparent philosophy, it is possible to generate
a profit with a positive impact to ensure that people
and the environment can also benefit.

The non-profit B Lab that verifies the work of
companies using the B Impact Assessment issued the
B Corp certification.

B Corporations operate internally by setting
three-year targets for improving their quality standards and
externally by following working groups with annual
targets to promote projects and initiatives.


Great lengths
the B Beauty


"Beauty for the
common good"

Great Lengths adds another step in its
sustainable journey after B Corp
certification by joining the B Corp Beauty
Coalition network.
“Beauty for the common good" is the
mission of the B Corp Beauty Coalition, a
global coalition born from an alliance
with other international B Corporations
in the beauty industry. At the heart of
this philosophy is the principle of
interdependence: combining efforts to
improve quality standards to use business
as a positive force for change.
The goal of the alliance is to improve
social and environmental practices and
raise customer awareness, guide them
towards more ethical consumption
choices; communicate a new model of
beauty that is more responsible and

Our projects
for the

Below are some examples of
how Great Lengths strives daily
to make a positive impact on
the environment and society.

Creation of a new sustainable and recycled packaging, made of FSC® paper and cellulose acetate. The packaging, thanks to its flexible shape, guarantees a limited volume for shipments, consequently decreasing the consumption related to transport.

We made the new blister of our Tapes of 80% recycled PET.

The activities of our internal Research and Development department, conducted together with important national research institutes, have led to new processing methods using highly sophisticated instruments and machinery, which have made it possible to optimize processes, reducing the need for high consumption of chemicals in the production cycle.

Thanks to the new water recovery plant, we recover water from the production cycle, reducing its consumption and the consequent wastewater disposal.

We are investing in renewing the Italian production centre, inserting new equipment that optimizes production, and reduces energy impact and CO2 emissions.

Our production process only uses electrical energy from renewable sources.

Following the philosophy of a regenerative economy, we instead used the hair that would be discarded during the manufacturing process in alternative activities, such as the creation of colour charts and for materials used during training sessions.

& people:

Little princess

Little Princess Trust is the project designed by adults for children through which the non-profit organization donates wigs to children who have lost their hair because of health problems. Great Lengths is proud to take part in this activity, collecting the hair donated by customers during extensions removal in its partner salons throughout the world.

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Great Lengths established its business in an ethical and responsible way from the beginning. The Company is also involved in activities to support local communities.


Our ethical


Great Lengths communicates its own corporate philosophy in our Charter of Ethics, which contains the core values of our company, divided into established and aspirational values. The established values are those in which we recognize ourselves because they have always distinguished our company and represent the sense of harmonious belonging within our reality, the responsible commitment we have towards people and the craftsmanship excellence that identifies us. The aspirational values are the set of virtues that we intend to cultivate for our future, such as the desire to share our mission internally, choose sustainable innovation and expand the feeling of belonging to our reality.