Miza Mayi:  my voice is versatility

Oct 15, 2021

Miza Mayi is a talented artist. Her beautiful voice can create a perfect mix between soul, electro-pop, electric jazz, lounge, and funky.


She was born in Kinshasa, her father is Italian and her mother is Congolese, so she grew up between the cultures and traditions of both nations. 

The name she chose is the perfect summary of her “Voice”.


Indeed, Miza means queen and Mayi means water (in Lingali, her mother tongue): “Water can be delicate and sweet but also destructive. My voice is like that too”, says Miza.


She considers change as a constant in life. Therefore, being versatile becomes necessary when you want to live knowing how to approach every event.


Her passion for music comes from the idea that music is a universal language capable of connecting people through sound vibrations.


Versatility is the voice of Miza Mayi; listen to her interview to find out much more about her.