Michela Coppa:  my voice is health

Oct 12, 2021

Health: this is the world that represents Michela Coppa's change.

After 10 years of working in television she decided to let her passion became a real profession.

Michela choose Social Media channels to show little “pictures” from her life; she started posting recipes related to her eating habits and diet. Her followers love her healthy and creative approach to cooking.


After a trip to India, she enriched her research for a new lifestyle focused on soul and body with a new great passion: yoga.

Yoga become an essential part of her life and Michela decided to share her experience with many people as possible. Not only as passionate, but also as teacher.

Today Michela is an entrepreneur in wellness training, holding healthy cooking and yoga courses.

Her goal is to spread the message that yoga, combined with the right diet, helps you live your life to the fullest. Taking care of your body and spirit teaches us to love ourselves more and to strengthen our resilience, which is fundamental in times of a pandemic.

Michela’s biggest wish is to teach her daughter a healthy and conscious lifestyle, inspired by freedom and love.


In the interview she gave us, Michela talks about acceptance, yoga and meditation and about the ideal world that she would like to give to her daughter.


Watch the interview!