Roberta di Mario: my voice is Sound

Nov 11, 2021

Roberta is a pianist, composer, songwriter, and artistic director. Her life is full of passion for everything related to theaters, musicals, and soundtracks. She can manage different musical genres as jazz, swing, pop, contemporary, and ambient.


In her latest concept album, released in 2019 for Warner Classics and titled “Disarm” Roberta experiments with unfamiliar sounds in contrast with the trendy piano minimalism.

The message of her music is very clear: disarming is giving oneself to the other and allowing to let go, to accept us, to be free from fears, and to bring down the walls that we have built around us.


The disarmament that Roberta talks about touches everyone, but we can achieve it only together. We can reach a state of disarmament if we trust each other and support each other, especially between women.


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