Great Lengths is in the jet-set

Oct 18, 2019

Who's wearing Great Lengths hair extensions?

Long, flowing hair – an ideal of beauty exemplified by numerous female stars from the movie and music industry.


Yes, hair extensions are pretty ubiquitous in Hollywood these days. But who, exactly, is wearing them?


Quite surprising and exciting, is how real and candid stars have gotten about their decision to wear hair extensions. Notably, Gwyneth Paltrow, Amal Clooney and Natalia Dyer - just to name a few - have publicly stated their preference for Great Lengths extensions.


Being on the rise since almost 30 years and having embraced almost as many real-life roles as she's had on-screen ones, Gwyneth Paltrow is a veritable chameleon, maybe the celeb that better represents all different possibilities given by hair extensions, as hair changes have always played a main role in her beauty transformations, if we think of her to carry off everything from sun-kissed waist-length hair extensions to a pixie cut.


But talking about other celebs wearing hair extension, it's worthwhile mentioning also Céline Dion, who has chosen monochromatic Great Lengths hair extensions for the bun worn during the 2019 Met Gala in Los Angeles; or Jennifer Lopez who always chooses Great Lengths hair extensions for her extra-long pony tails.


Even though hair extensions can be used to add more volume, or to give a bit more length, these women are more into changing up their look completely for special occasions, by using our extensions for pull-ups or for mermaid-length hair.

But Great Lengths is popular also among men. No wonder if one of our clients is the American idol Steven Tyler, the lead singer and front man of Aerosmith, whose funky strands are branded Great Lengths. He is so affectionate to us, that he has also been the judge of the hair extension contest organized by Great Lengths USA.