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Oct 17, 2022

beyond hair expectations, beyond

Great lengths

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Beyond hair expectations, beyond Great Lengths: with the new campaign we aspire to improve the self-confidence and beauty of all people by offering various hairstyles that do not damage the natural hair.


The general mood of the last years is certainly more libertine and wilder. In almost all industries, especially in fashion and beauty, trends are pushing toward naturalness and the acquisition of greater awareness and self-esteem. The hair trends for summer 2022 are many, inspired by catwalks or film stars, it is easy to take inspiration and change your look, but the important thing is to follow your instincts and create a hairstyle that reflects your personality.

Changing the look is perceived as changing life, revolutionizing it, and starting again. This theory is in history; consider Lady Diana in 1992 who, after her divorce, gave herself a new short, jaunty haircut as a sign (for herself and others) of a fresh start. Caroline of Monaco also followed this philosophy as, after the death of her husband Stefano Casiraghi, she cut her hair into a bob. But change does not have to come after a sad event, it can also be a point of restarting towards a new project, a new direction, a new beginning.

Revolutionizing the look and style is part of all of us, the desire for change, for a breath of fresh air and to feel different is a common and frequent feeling that needs to be indulged. This is why Great Lengths extensions are faithful allies of women and men who want to dare and pursue their desired hairstyle. Summer trends are many, it is true, but they quickly give way to new ones. Have you ever followed a hair trend only to regret it a few months later because it was no longer fashionable? But by then you have cut your hair, or colored it, and often also weakened and damaged it.
Great Lengths offers its customers a wide range of extensions with shades to suit all tastes and allow you to follow the latest trends while keeping up with the times.






If you want a voluminous, layered look with a balayage effect, it can be achieved in a few hours and without the use of chemicals. Brown balayage is a coloring technique that looks totally natural and is reminiscent of the effect of lightning done by the sun. This light and dark brown balayage aims to create a fuller and more natural effect. The perfect mix of brown tones was achieved with GL Tapes in the colors 02, 03, and 05 in 20'' length.


GL Tapes are made from genuine top-quality hair and are anchored to an extra-thin adhesive strip designed to cause no tension and to lie completely flat on the head, guaranteeing total comfort, high performance, and fast application. The result is a new hairstyle concept to create a more voluminous effect and long, natural hair. GL Tapes are very flexible and can be used double or single. They offer unprecedented durability (approximately 6-8 weeks) and can be reused up to 3 times.