50 Years Later – Woodstock Inspired Hair

Before there was  Coachella and Lollapalooza there was Woodstock; the original music festival.


In case you’re not in the know: In August of 1969, Woodstock took place on a dairy farm in Bethel, New York. From August 15-18, almost 500,000 people celebrated "3 Days of Peace & Music," with an iconic lineup including Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and Grateful Dead.


Considered the most iconic (and peaceful!) music festival ever; the legendary festival illustrates the era perfectly — the groovy vibes, peaceful mindset, and of course, the 60s style.


To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the famed music festival, we're taking a moment to reflect on the hairstyles and appreciate the original foremothers of bohemian style.


Woodstock was a spark of beauty.






Bold and unique style and fashion is a mainstay of modern music festivals, but Woodstock concert-goers came long before the concept of “festival style” existed. They weren't trying to make a fashion statement, but their free-spirited, devil-may-care attitude did it nonetheless. 


The key details of hippie fashion: free, flowing, anything Native American themed, and everything associated with being open and peaceful. Women of Woodstock wore their hair in its natural, easy state; often untamed and center-parted. When you compare to the glitter roots, space buns, unicorn buns, rainbow hair and wild accessories of modern music festivals, Woodstock hair was incredibly low key. In a way, this makes the Woodstock style timeless. If the approach to hair at modern festivals is overstated, you could say the approach to hair at Woodstock was understated.




Despite the differences in the approach to hair at Woodstock versus modern music festivals, there are some key trends from Woodstock that can still be seen at the Coachella’s of today. These may have started in 1969, but they have stood the test of time.


Long, centre-parted, naturally styled hair

This look embraces the free-spirit vibes and keeps things easy and natural. Extensions are an awesome way to experiment with length. can help you nail the hippie hair look by adding extra length or even a fringe.



Headbands, Headscarves and Bandanas


A hippie headband is never out of place at a music festival. There are a variety of styles from a thin leather band, to elaborate head pieces full of bling. Of course, if you’re looking to embrace the hippie vibe, leather, feathers and Native American inspired pattern pieces are the way to go. A bandana can be worn in a similar fashion to a headband for a Janis Joplin at Woodstock look.



The Flower Crown


Flower crowns have been a festival fashion staple for decades. They’re easy to make and add a fun touch to any outfit. Hair garlands, featuring anything from daisies to roses to very large chrysanthemums, are always a guarantee at music festivals. They’re perfect for all types of hair, whether short or long, curly or straight.


These exact styles may not have been spotted at Woodstock, but they embrace the free-spirit vibe with a modern spin.



Braided Bangs

With your hair in loose waves, part your hair down the center and braid your bangs back loosely. Secure your braided bangs with your choice of hair clips and you’re set.



Hippie Pigtails

This is the perfect look if your hair has numerous days’ worth of dry shampoo and sweat. (And let’s face it, if you’re at a music festival that may be the case.) Throw on a cute hat, add a couple of braids, and let the wind do the rest of your styling for you.


Bohemian Inspired Waves (Perhaps with a Pop of Colour!)

Think a little more polished than the 1969 Woodstock attendee. Beautiful, bohemian inspired waves give off that effortless, "I woke up like this" vibe, while still looking put together. Add a pop of colour for a fun touch. Chemical-free, temporary colour can be added with the use of . Pair this festival hairstyle with a flower crown, cool hat, or a pretty crocheted dress and you’ve got modern day Woodstock.



bohemian hairstyle waves
bohemian hairstyle waves
bohemian hairstyle waves


Have a look through our Pinterest board for more Woodstock inspired styles.

What is your preferred approach to festival hair?