Great Lengths
Hair Extensions
are very easy to maintain!


Once your extensions have been applied, your stylist will instruct you on how to maintain and care for them, providing a Maintenance Aftercare guide for your reference. To help further ensure your extensions look fantastic for as long as possible, we have developed a range of products specially designed to be used with Great Lengths extensions. These products are available through your certified Salon or Stylist.



General maintenance and aftercare guidelines:


Washing your hair

  • Don't shampoo your hair for at least 48 hours after your extensions have been applied. This allows the attachment site to set

  • Use Great Lengths aftercare products to maximize potential wear and protect attachment site

  • Lather gently from roots to tips, don't use a rough scrubbing motion

  • When rinsing, tilt your head slightly back and let the water fall through the length, this prevents knotting

  • Finish by applying a hair mask or conditioner after every wash


Drying your hair

  • Begin by blotting hair with a towel to remove excess water

  • Brush or use a wide-tooth comb to gently remove any tangles

  • If your hair is lacking moisture, spritz with Great Lengths Anti-Tap Water for extra nourishment


Brushing your hair

  • Always use one of the Great Lengths brushes which are specifically designed to protect the hair extensions

  • If you suffer from hair static, try using a wide-tooth comb, carefully working through the hair from roots to tips

  • Using a Great Lengths Paddle Brush, sweep all hair to one side, holding hair in place at the nape of the neck, brush through the length

  • Remember not to be too rough when brushing your hair as this may damage the attachment site

  • When backcombing, take care to only do so below the bond attachment to prevent knotting.

Styling your hair

  • If you have used a lot of product, spritz hair with our Anti-Tap Water after your next wash to clear any residue

  • If you use a hair oil, be sure to only apply through the length of the hair, avoiding contact with the bond

  • Tame fly-aways or fight static with Great Lengths Serum Hair Fluid. Work through the length of the hair for a smooth finish


Extension Maintenance


  • In order to extend the life of your GL installation always apply Great Lengths Anti-Tap water to wet hair, and tie hair away from face prior to swimming, exercising, using a sauna or any activity that creates moisture.


  • Always pull Great Lengths extensions into a soft held ponytail or loose braid while sleeping or during any activity that has your hair blowing in the wind.