Great Legths hair extension brush

Hair extensions brushes


Hair extension brushes specifically designed to be used with Great Length extensions 

Great Lengths
premium accessories


Twin round-ended bristles in nylon, heat resistant


Excellent quality pure boar bristles

GL hair extension Brush Main Features


Soft natural black rubber pad


Ergonomic and anti-static wood
Lacquered with anti-scratch matte paint

Hair extension brush

Main Features

Ergonomic wooden handle lacquered with anti-scratch matte black paint for comfortable grip. Shock resistant. Excellent quality, pure boar bristles with twin round-ended bristles.

Key Benefits

Especially suitable for hair extensions, hair volumizers and wigs. The longer bristles gently untangle hair from roots to the ends without damaging the bonds or tapes.

Key Benefits of our hair extension brushes
Hair extension brushes

How To Use

Brush hair in sections beginning above the application bond and moving downward. If you have long hair, hold hair firmly mid way down the length, and brush the tips first, slowly working your way to the root. Always brush in a downward motion to avoid tangles. 


The specific shape of the natural rubber cushion enables the pressure to be distributed evenly over the whole brush allowing for a gentler brush of the hair and scalp.

Hair extension brushes
made by Great Lengths

Oval hair extension Brush

The ideal "does it all" brush. Perfect for Great Lengths wearers, or those with naturally thick hair. Designed to gently detangle curly and/or long hair and to tame it from the roots to the tips without damaging hair extensions. 

GL Brushes Oval hair extension Brush

Paddle hair extension Brush

Designed to gently detangle and smooth out hair. The perfect brush for styling and blow drying.  Ideal for Great Lengths wearers or those with naturally thick or coarse hair. 

GL Brushes Paddle hair extension Brush

Styling and Travel hair extension Brush

For all hair types. The special design of this model of hair extension brush yields the best styling and finishing results. Detangles in seconds, adds shine and definition to hair and fits in any pocket.

GL Brushes Styling and Travel hair extension Brush

Black Nylon Bristle Brush: Small and Large

This thin untangling brush can be used on wet or dry extensions and natural hair. It is ideal for daily brushing, and not recommended as a hot tools styling brush