What’s New At Great Lengths Canada

Sep 20, 2018 11:22:00 AM | Great Lengths Canada

Fall is a busy time at Great Lengths. We’re introducing new colours, new products, and new stylists. Read on for details on all the latest updates.





You asked for it, you got it! We are pleased to introduce seven new shades of Great Lengths. These new shades include beautifully blended blonde and brown tones, captivating coppers and rich, cool reds, highlighted charcoal gray, and the avant-garde fashion strands, “mother-of-pearl”.


Mother-of-pearl has an enchanting brilliance, in line with latest trends. It integrates pastel shades of silver-grey and pink for bright hair that shines with unpredictable glimmers.

new colours for gl hair extension
36, 60, 85, 86, 70, 99
new colours for gl hair extension: Mother of Pearl

« Mother of Pearl »


In addition to these seven new shades, Great Lengths has also recently updated some of their existing red and copper tones.  These revamped colours are more blended, bright and vibrant, giving them a more modern look. The latest trends in coppers and reds!

new colours for gl hair extension: 32, 35, 71, 72, 73, 7432, 35, 71, 72, 73, 74
new colours for gl hair extension: Mother of Pearl

« Mother of Pearl »



The GL Hair Caddy


The perfect companion for GL Tapes; the GL Hair Caddy will ease the reinstallation process. The caddy holds the client’s extensions in their specific return order. It also makes washing, drying and styling the GL Tapes a seamless task, saving busy stylists a great deal of valuable time. A very welcome addition to the Great Lengths line of products!

GL Hair Caddy






Angel Crawford - Ultimate Image Hair Studio (Whitby, ON)

Lisa Tuff - Lune Beauty Boutique (Toronto, ON)

Jmaila Almoradi - Salvatore Leoretti Salon (Toronto, ON)

Paulina Truong - Blue Gemini Hair Studio (Edmonton, AB)

Jennifer Johnston - Blue Gemini Hair Studio (Edmonton, AB)

Vanessa Kenge - Ari & Blair Salon (Calgary, AB)

Jamie Munn - Ari & Blair Salon (Calgary, AB)

Tianna Anderson - Ari & Blair Salon (Calgary, AB)

Janeen Jackson - Ari & Blair Salon (Calgary, AB)

Erika Stadig - Ari & Blair Salon (Calgary, AB)

Brittany Beuk - Ari & Blair Salon (Calgary, AB)

Catia Correia - Le Artof Salon Inc. (Montreal, QC)

Alexandre Messier - Le Artof Salon Inc. (Montreal, QC)

Annabelle Berger - Lo Atelier De Coiffure (Montreal, QC)

Léa Christine Hébert - Lo Atelier De Coiffure (Montreal, QC)

Rosa Pupo - Au Barbershop
(Montreal, QC)

Deborah Matossi - Au Barbershop (Montreal, QC)

Klaudia Grishaj - K & M Barbershop Inc. (Etobicoke, ON)

Anna Kate - Nuva Beaute & Spa
(Laval, QC)

Alexis Bengio - Nuva Beaute & Spa (Laval, QC)

John Cicione - O’Lab Salon
(Montreal, QC)

Steven Heins - Orbit Coupe Beaute (Montreal, QC)

Brian Diaz - Salon Brian Diaz (Montreal, QC)

Jordan Saab - Saab Salon (Ottawa, ON)

Vanessa Lameiras - Saab Salon
(Ottawa, ON)

Sarah Steele - Spot Light Hair & Spa (Richmond, ON)


Kelsey Biron - Spot Light Hair & Spa (Richmond, ON)

Rebecca Facchin - Spot Light Hair & Spa (Richmond, ON)

Shauna Kirkham - Spot Light Hair & Spa (Richmond, ON)

Kayla Nugent - The Colour Palette
(St. John’s, NL)

Jessica Pynn - The Colour Palette
(St. John’s, NL)

Patricia Sullivan - Red Ruby Salon (Vancouver, BC)

Tracy Dishart - Red Ruby Salon (Vancouver, BC)

April Wiper - Fringe Hair Spa
(Ilderton, ON)

Kelly Lockhart - Fringe Hair Spa (Ilderton, ON)

Beata Sutton - Three Small Rooms (Barrie, ON)

Halley McGarey - Three Small Rooms (Barrie, ON)

Angela Blake - Three Small Rooms (Barrie, ON)

Nicole Bell - Three Small Rooms
(Barrie, ON)

Mary Anne Costa - The Lounge Salon (Oakville, ON)

Melissa Hellman - Salon Goulart (Toronto, ON)

Stephanie Starczak - Salon Goulart (Toronto, ON)

Christina Abreu - Victoria Radford Salon (Toronto, ON)

Saira Remtulla - Victoria Radford Salon (Toronto, ON)

Samantha Donaldson - Chatters Salon (London, ON)

Alex Lamborti - Chatters Salon
(Owen Sound, ON)

Stephanie Crane - Mane Attraction Hair Studio (Brampton, ON)

Krysten Melo - Mane Attraction Hair Studio (Brampton, ON)

Adrianna Gilhespy - Cherish Hair Design (Sherwood Park, AB)

Tiara Noname - Cherish Hair Design (Sherwood Park, AB)

Janice Adshade - Jerome Hair Salon (Calgary, AB)





Certified Great Lengths artists are welcome to join any scheduled Great Lengths Education Seminar (provided there is space available in the class) to update and refresh their hair extension skills. The educational format continues to expand and evolve and a refresher is a great way to keep up with current trends and offerings. Any Great Lengths certified professional who wishes to attend a seminar for the purposes of updating their skills or re-training, may do so free of charge. Training materials at minimal cost must be purchased beforehand.


Please contact the Great Lengths office to confirm a space.

TOLL FREE: 1-800-461-9302
PHONE: 905-625-3838
FAX: 905-206-5505 / 905-206-5506





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