The Beauty Tech Concept

Sep 12, 2019 10:32:00 AM

A new definition of the classical "before/after"

We aspire to enhance every woman’s unique personality through bespoke looks expressing different individual souls.

This is the reason why we think that the traditional way to express the concept of "radical change" through the so-called "before/after" images is too limited to convey the whole potential of our message.


It goes without saying, that the classical "before/after" images are an effective communication technique, which has become very familiar to the end consumer, who immediately understands the meaning of the message.


On the other hand, given one "before", our hair extensions allow for so many different "after"! As we perceived the simple "before/after" communication technique as limited, we chose to no longer use the “before and after” definition but, instead, the “beauty tech” name, meaning a technically effective look change demonstration, which still has an aesthetic appeal and a broader meaning, by showing the middle stages of the transformations as well as, most important, different final results that can be achieved, thanks to different hair styles.


That's why, in our technical materials, you will find not only two images (before and after), but a whole sequence of pictures for each of our models. This means a flow of images, a dynamic storytelling empowering what extensions can do, in terms of not only length, but also volume. The sequence displays all the different steps of the transformation and gives value to the whole personality of the woman, by showing her face, her full body, by telling her thoughts, feelings and emotions about the transformation itself.