Stylist Spotlight: Natacha Thivierge

Mar 17, 2020 11:26:00 AM | Great Lengths Canada, Stylist Spotlight

Natacha Thivierge is the founder and co-owner of Salōn XN, a popular high-end salon in Blainville, Quebec. Designed to cater exclusively to women, Salōn XN has become the go-to salon for Quebec’s young female influencers to feel pampered and leave feeling beautiful and confident. Natacha is a newly certified Great Lengths stylist and has already made quite the impression on Instagram with her beautiful applications. We couldn’t wait to get to know Natacha for our Stylist Spotlight.



Tell us a bit about you and your career! How did you get your start, and what led you to your role as co-owner of Salōn XN?


I started in the hairdressing field at 14 years old. I did my training and I knew immediately that it was what I wanted to do. After having done everything (colourist, barber, hair extensions, cuts), I wanted to offer a unique service dedicated to women only. Two years ago I founded Salōn XN, and now here I am!


xn salon logo

Tell us about Salōn XN!


Salōn XN is my world. It is for me a place dedicated to making every woman feel good, receiving personalized service. We offer a range of services, anything a woman could want! My goal is to offer the best to our customers with quality products and service.

How long have you been working with Great Lengths; what was your inspiration to join the GL network?

I have only just recently become a certified Great Lengths technician, less than a year ago, however, I have been doing other methods of extensions for 12 years. I started with the technique where I had to put the glue on the strands of hair myself - it was horrible! I tried more than twenty companies until I discovered GL, and it has changed my life!



What impact has being a Great Lengths Artist had on you and your business?

The word that comes to mind is "professionalism." When we began offering Great Lengths, it all made sense. I am proud to offer a product with a unique range, a history and a level of quality that aligns with our Salōn XN brand.



What do you love about Great Lengths?


I love the number of options we have with Great Lengths. It’s incredible when I take out my colour ring with all of the colour options; it allows me to be so creative. I love explaining the Great Lengths reputation, history, the installation process, and the quality! I love telling my client that she will have the most beautiful hair in the world when she chooses Great Lengths extensions.



great lengths extensions quality
great lengths extensions quality

What is your personal favourite hair trend right now?

We specialize in blond, so our clients stand out, often with several shades of warm or cool blond. These are my favourite colours.



What are your predictions for the top hair trends for Spring 2020?


For Spring 2020, I predict a lot of blonde, multidimensional browns, and pastels for festivals. I promise you’ll see beautiful colour coming out of Salōn XN.



If you could pick a celebrity, a public figure, anyone- whose hair would you love to work on?


Maripier Morin, my Quebec idol. I think she represents the current woman so perfectly!



What or who do you look to for inspiration?


I take inspiration from everyone; my employees, Instagram, other salons. Max Gourgues (@maxgourgues), and hair educator Marie-Anne Labrie (@pinklablonde) are particularly inspiring! We are so lucky to have such passionate and creative people in Quebec.



Salōn XN works closely with a number of influencers in Quebec. How have you worked to develop these relationships? What do you like about working with these influential young woman?


I have built a bond and a great level of trust with them. While it is a business relationship, it is also friendly. Salōn XN has an image of being true, sincere and authentic and it’s a top priority to ensure our clients feel this. It is very important to me. I often get asked the question, "How did you build those relationships?" Salōn XN is fresh, it is current and we always have new plans in the works. We involve our influencers with developing our plans and I think this has been an important part of those relationships. I love working with them, it's inspiring. We work together in a mutually beneficial way to reap the rewards. It’s very motivating.

certified salon xn
certified salon xn



What advice would you offer newly certified stylists to best take advantage of their GL skillset?


First and foremost - Respect your client's hair. Stay true to this and you can do amazing work. Mix tone on tone to create beautiful finishes, and develop a style that is unique to you and your client.



What personality traits do you think are most beneficial to your success?


I’m a perfectionist! Some would say that in your personal life, perfectionism is not entirely beneficial, but at work it gives you an advantage. I’m very committed to ensuring everything I do feels well-executed, clean, as close to perfect as possible. My approach to social media and Instagram have also proven to be incredibly beneficial.



What is your favourite part of being a stylist?


I love giving advice, guiding my clients, and proving to them that anything is possible when it is well-executed. Above all, I love being able to change perceptions of hair extensions with Great Lengths.



Do you have a favourite mantra, a quote or a saying you like to keep in mind?

“Respect the hair.”



With your recent engagement, a young daughter and a successful salon, 2020 is bound to be a busy year for you! What are your goals and aspirations as you move forward?


I believe that staying busy and being surrounded with people and things that make you happy makes us move forward in all aspects of our life. This year, Salōn XN will continue to evolve in big ways; we have several beautiful projects launching soon. I’ll stay busy!