Marketing for Great Lengths Stylists

Mar 24, 2017 3:59:00 PM

You’ve got the experience, the equipment and you’re certified to install the world’s best extensions, but your Great Lengths colour ring is gathering dust, and you’re not as busy with extensions as you’d like to be. Read on for some tips to change that!


  1. Take a good look around your salon: Is it clear your salon offers Great Lengths as a service? Updated posters are available - ensure you include them with your next order.

  2. Clean your tools: Give your Great Lengths colour rings a shampoo and flat iron – with clean tools you’ll sell a lot more.

  3. Upsell! Talk about the possibilities of extensions with each client that sits in your chair. Let them know the benefits that Great Lengths can offer (be it for volume, a pop of colour or length - instantaneously).

  4. Go social. Sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram keep you connected with your clients. Post videos, before and afters, how-to’s, tips and tricks and the benefits of the quality of Great Lengths, etc.


  1. Refresh your skills. Certified artists can attend our seminars at no charge. The only costs are the training accessories required (e.g. training bundles priced $20 each).

  2. Install a bundle of fashion strands on one of your fellow stylists. You can choose from soft pastels, bold brights or deeply elegant jewel tones. Keep a bundle of each in the salon, so you are always client-ready.

  3. Be glamourous. A little glam with our Diamond strands goes a long way. Swarovski crystals give a vibrant twinkle that will catch anyone’s attention. They’re absolutely beautiful, and great to include in salon wedding promotions.

  4. Educate about our products. Our range of Great Lengths brushes are ideal for clients with or without extensions. A light brush through your clients’ hair (wet or dry) will  demonstrate how easily their hair can be detangled. 


  1. Install the product and show it off! Is anyone in your salon wearing Great Lengths? Nothing sells extensions like the extensions themselves.  Install a bundle of 12” or 16” extensions in either yours or one of your stylist’s hair. Show your customers volume, colour or a complete style change. Use the opportunity to demonstrate the amazing quality of the bonds and hair.

  2. Do trial runs. Purchase a bundle of 12” or 16” single strand extensions. Invite 8 to 10 potential clients and install 2-3 strands per client so they can feel firsthand the undetectable bond, the seamless integration and the high quality of the extensions. 

  3. Analyze client needs. Our extensions are not just about length. Ensure you analyze your clients’ hair and decide if she would be a good candidate for partial volume, extending additional length through the sides, colour enhancement or even colour correction.


  1. Choose a key staff member and install a full head of extensions for her. Use the opportunity to take before, during and after pictures to build your salon’s album. When you have potential clients coming through you’ll have a live model that you can show.

  2. Consider alternative forms of advertising. Bus wraps, radio, bill boards, and cross promotions between businesses each have their merits, but have to be executed with precision in order to see a return on your investment. The best advertising you can have is word of mouth about a positive experience. Encourage customers to rate you on social or rating-based online services. This benefits everyone!