Guest Feature: How To Grow Your Hair Extension Business

Aug 18, 2020 10:41:00 AM



Hello hair pros! I’m super excited to be discussing this topic! Growing your business with hair extensions is a subject I am passionate about! In fact, it’s something I think about all the time, as I myself am constantly looking to grow. With extensions booming as a niche business, it has become essential for some stylists to add them to their list of services, and others like myself feeling the need to specialize full-time. Whichever end of that spectrum you may fall, I hope these few simple tips will help you to grow the business of your dreams!

First Things First: Build Your Brand

First Things First: Build Your Brand

If you have just started offering hair extension services, it’s important you’re able to launch with confidence. You may be wondering “How do you get people in the chair without any previous work to show them?” Well, you need enticing content, and fast!

After completing a certification course, I would recommend booking several models, having a set “model rate” to cover costs, then photographing before and afters; shots of the hair extensions, and the process behind the scenes as well. If you are clever with your visuals, you can capture a ton of content with only a few different models.


Don’t be afraid to style and restyle the same model’s hair, put them into different outfits or pose them in different areas of your salon for additional visual content. Collect as much content as you can! The more you are able to use social media to post about your new service, the more guests you will book!


Look Within Your Existing Clientele

Look Within Your Existing Clientele

Don’t be afraid to give your client list a healthy little “audit”. Chances are a number of your clients are more curious about extensions than you think, and they may not yet know their options! When people hear the words “hair extensions”, they automatically think of lengthening, when as stylists know, you can also highlight and volumize as well!

Could some of your VIP guests benefit from additional strands? A flash of colour around the face? Do you have a fine-haired client with a bob whose sides could be fuller? While you may not convince your regular guests to do a full lengthening service right away, don’t be afraid to offer them a little enhancement with a less intense application in the meantime! And hey– almost everyone can use a little extra hair, right?!


Use social media the RIGHT way

Use social media the RIGHT way

One of the best ways to get new guests is to use social media to target people in your vicinity. My number one goal when posting to social media is to keep my chair full with consultations and applications. In addition to posting attractive visuals to engage potential guests, be sure to also do the following: 


Share your “Why”

Why did you get into doing hair extensions? What makes your specific hair extension business unique? People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it. 


Don’t be afraid to show off the process

We all love to see behind the scenes. Before photos, the application process, tips and tricks for aftercare… Show it all. Clients will love how informative you are!


Be accessible

Make sure your name, preferred contact details and salon address are clearly posted in your bio. I can’t help but shake my head when I come across a great hair portfolio only to find the stylist has omitted an important detail like how to book them. Make it easy for people to find out how to do business with you.


Show YOURSELF off!

Potential clients love to see who they will be serviced by. After all, the person who will do their hair is just as important as your work. Every 6-9 photos you post should include a visual of you. Remind us who is behind all those beautiful heads of hair.


Use location geo-tagging

Posting at popular nearby attractions or establishments, where your target audience may be shopping, dining or hanging out, is a great way to capture people’s attention while out and about.


Tailor your content

If you have chosen to specialize in hair extensions alone, I recommend tailoring the content on your social media channels/website to reflect what you hope to do in your chair. You’ll get back what you put out.


My best advice is to put yourself in a potential client’s shoes. If you stumbled across your Instagram page, would you be finding what you are looking for? Does it look like you’re at the top of your game? Passionate about your craft? Try to visualize what types of hashtags you would search if looking for an extension artist in your city and use them in the caption of every post.


Hire a Business Coach or Seek Out a Mentor or Online Group Coaching Program

Hire a Business Coach or Seek Out a Mentor

There is a wealth of information, experience, great tips, and advice to be found from people who’ve already been there and done that. If you’re struggling to grow your hair extension business after some time, and you’re using some of the aforementioned recommendations, perhaps it’s time to seek out the advice from professionals who can help you along the way and be your cheerleader!


There are wonderful group coaching programs out there to do just that! I am involved in one in particular: Hair Pro Extension Academy by Ashley Diana (@missashleyhair). Ashley is a certified Great Lengths Artist from Las Vegas. Her program is a combination of technical and business / mindset coaching. It is a lifetime course with content always being added, along with monthly coaching with Ashley herself! You can request specific topics, and they will add what you need to the course as you go along, helping you to grow your extension business and affording you a venue with which to share ideas and ask questions. Learn more about Hair Pro Extension Academy.




I wish you all the best with growing your business with hair extensions! I love to see people succeed! If you have any great tips on how to grow in this niche industry, drop me a line @stevenmathew. I’d love to hear from you!