GUEST FEATURE: How Great Lengths Hair Extensions Are Applied




We’re so excited to introduce this guest blog by the Insta-Famous, ultra-talented, Great Lengths Champion: Steven Mathew. If you haven’t heard of Steven, well, you must be new to the world of Great Lengths. He’s well known for his amazing transformations, his excellent and educational social content, and his clients who fly from all over the world to entrust him with the application of their hair extensions. As a trusted source to so many, we thought Steven would be the perfect person to discuss how Great Lengths Hair Extensions are applied.



Let’s be honest–

Hair extensions aren’t going anywhere.

They’ve gained a lot of popularity in recent years thanks to social media, but they’re not just a passing trend… they’re a timeless and luxurious hair accessory. New hair extension application methods are popping up constantly, but Great Lengths’ methods continue to be the most recognized and trusted on the market. Great Lengths offers three different hair extension application methods.







The “OG” application method.

Developed in the early 90s, this patented method of keratin bonded attachment continues to be one of the safest and most sought-after extension techniques available to this day. With this method of thermal attachment, small quarter-inch square sections of your natural hair are selected, and pre-bonded extensions of equal density are applied (strand by strand). They are then rolled around the natural hair just below the root, making them comfortable and safe, with full range of motion. This means when applied correctly, ponytails are totally doable! Great Lengths’ keratin is often imitated, but what makes it so unique is its ability to mimic the structure of human hair on a molecular level. I know, I know– that’s quite a mouthful. So here’s what you need to know... This keratin is hypoallergenic and will respond to heat and moisture the same way our natural hair will. When it gets wet or heated, it will expand and contract with our natural hair. This is especially important for clients wanting worry-free wear for several months at a time. 


Applications start with several washes with Great Lengths Clean Removal Shampoo, followed up with a blow dry. Then begins the application of keratin bonds and to finish: a blending haircut! The process generally takes several hours, but the trade-off is no return salon visits for maintenance until months later, when it’s time to remove them. With proper home care, these bonds will stand the test of time and be the closest, most natural hair extension to that of your own hair!







Great Lengths offers versatile application options; the same keratin bonded hair extensions can also be applied with the 5000 Ultrasonic machine. Similar to the thermal method, Cold Fusion applies a customized strand of equal density to natural hair, using quarter-inch square sections around the head.


Rather than directly heating the keratin bond, this machine uses a high-frequency ultrasonic vibration to soften the keratin, allowing the stylist to mould and shape it to the client’s natural hair.


This application is safe and versatile. It offers the ability to create flat bonds that fan out and lay flat to the head, offering a sleeker look and a very natural fall to the hair. The preparation for the Ultrasonic Cold Fusion Keratin Bonded Great Lengths is the same as the Classic Thermal method. Like the Classic Thermal method, the Cold Fusion method will take several hours to achieve your dream ‘do. When applied by a certified professional, this method of attachment also yields several months of consecutive maintenance-free wear… Totally worth it!







GL Tapes and GL Tapes+ were developed to be a quick and reusable semi-permanent hair extension method; perfect for individuals who wish to change up their look frequently!

What makes these babies so enticing is the ability to completely transform your hair in approximately 1-2 hours. After a series of clarifying shampoos with the Clean Removal Shampoo and a blow dry, the GL Tapes or Tapes+ are applied by sandwiching two pieces together using a surgical grade adhesive tape on each side of a very thin slice of the client’s natural hair, just below the root. This is (of course!) followed with a blending haircut to finish. Personally, I love semi-permanent technology like GL Tapes for quick changes, photoshoots, and especially for brides who want to have dream hair for their bachelorette, big day, AND honeymoon! Lasting approximately 4 weeks between maintenance visits, these are a fantastic choice for guests wanting a quick and reusable hair extension system.



Great Lengths stylists are highly trained in determining which method of attachment might be right for you. During the consultation, you and your stylist will discuss looks, choose textures, lengths and colour effects. We will also, of course, outline pricing for your enhanced look. A consultation is the perfect time to arrive with your hair in its natural state so your stylist can properly assess it for the best match possible.

If you are a client looking for more information on what method of hair extension might be right for you, to find a stylist in a city near you! If you’re a stylist looking to become certified in one of our award-winning methods, view our upcoming education dates here.