Great Lengths: On the A-list

Sep 26, 2019 3:06:00 PM

The secret to every Hollywood and Instagram star’s perfect hair? Hair extensions! Celeb Stylists use extensions to create the voluminous styles we lust after on stars from Beyoncé to Kylie Jenner.


Like any other normal human being, celebrities sometimes need a little extra help achieving the length and volume in their star studded looks. Almost every female celebrity wears extensions at one point or another says, Los Angeles extension expert, Violet Teriti.


“70 percent of female celebrities wear extensions these days. Most to create big volume.” Hair extensions to the rescue!


Here are five of Great Lengths famous fans.



Jennifer Lopez, general hair icon and constant style chameleon, experiments with her look frequently, and her frequent change ups most often require hair extensions. She’s never afraid to change up her look and try daring hairstyles, like a floor grazing long ponytail or animal print hair colour. Though she'll sport a cropped look from time to time, Lopez loves seriously long hair (she’s worn 50-inch hair extensions!) One of Lopez's many hair stylists, Lorenzo Martin, is a fan of Great Lengths for helping him achieve her jaw-dropping fabulous looks.

celebrities with hair extensions: Jennifer Lopez



Actress Emma Roberts first had Great Lengths applied towards the end of 2016 at, Nine Zero One (aka THE hottest celebrity hair salon in West Hollywood). Since, she has gone from short to long, blonde to brunette and back again, all with the help of Great Lengths. In June of this year, she transformed her short brunette style into a gorgeous lived-in blonde long look, with a bit of help from Great Lengths. Fast forward to July and she had already changed it up again! For American Horror Story: 1984, Roberts embraced a super-rich, chocolate brown colour and a fresh set of extensions. Her mid-length blunt cut with plenty of volume, thanks to GL, is versatile enough to be styled very ’80s for the show and still look modern off set.

celebrities with hair extensions: Emma Roberts



This talented singer loves to shake things up and Great Lengths are the perfect tool to do just that. In 2016, she went from rocking a black bob to rocking a longer, lighter look. This evolution came thanks to Great Lengths and Nine Zero One salon (we weren’t exaggerating when we said it’s THE hottest celebrity hair salon in West Hollywood.) This 2016 transformation, her first major strand switch-up, used 16-inch Great Lengths and took six hours to create. A year later at the Grammys, she rocked waist length beachy waves- her longest hair ever. Now it seems Demi is a GL fan for life, most often rocking long, full locks.

celebrities with hair extensions: Demi Lovato



If you need proof that Great Lengths hair extensions are compatible with an active lifestyle, look no further than Nikki Bella. The WWE star manages to look fabulous at all times, even in the midst of a wrestling match. She swears by Great Lengths, saying, “I must admit Great Lengths so far have been the only hair extension that can survive my butt kicking in the ring. I haven't lost a piece yet!” Take this as an indicator of Great Lengths durability- Nikki’s Kardashian-length hair stands up to A LOT in the ring. She’s been a fan for years, getting her Great Lengths done at Vidov Salon since the start.

celebrities with hair extensions: Nikki Bella



Yet another Nine Zero One client to be graced with the magic that is Great Lengths; Vanessa Hudgens recently got legit mermaid hair, locks down to her waist that had her Instagram followers obsessed. She told followers her new ultra-long locks were for an upcoming role. In previous years, Vanessa transformed a short, choppy pixie cut for her role as a homeless teen in the film, Gimme Shelter, into a long bob with side swept bangs. Before that, she experimented with Great Lengths Fashion Shades in red flow strands. This actress is clearly a fan of Great Lengths’ versatility.

celebrities with hair extensions: Vanessa Hudgens