Fresh Fall Trends

Sep 17, 2017 2:36:00 PM

This Fall season, start fresh with a new colour, cut or style.


Simplicity, fun, innovation… the trends are really mixing it up this year. There's something for everyone and anyone. Here are our 15 favourite hair trends for Fall 2017, from the runways and celebrity stylists. 


hairstyles with extensions
Some beauty trends are just more fun than others. Technicolour hair extensions weaved throughout hair were spotted at Fall fashion shows. This is a fun way to introduce clients to Great Lengths and unique colours without damaging natural hair. Whether it’s bright pops of colour or pastel strands, either way it is a simple approach to add personality.
 hairstyles with extensions
Black ribbons and bows were a runway hair trend in New York, Milan, London and Paris at Fall fashion shows. They can be worn many ways: pulled into a low ponytail and wrapped with a bow, looped around a bun, or secure a small half up section with a ribbon – it’s a very versatile trend and a fun way to add a feminine touch!
hairstyles with extensions: BLOND EFFECT
A soft and purposefully grown-out look has all the glamour of a beautiful blonde, minus the high maintenance. The rooty blonde look is IN for Fall. Beautiful, low maintenance colour? What’s not to love? 
Braids aren't going anywhere for Fall 2017. Fishtail braids, loose braids, double braided buns and braided pigtails have all been spotted on the runways. For a fresh look, secure loose braids with a single bobby pin rather than an elastic. With this technique, hair will appear to be floating in a braid.
hairstyles with extensions
If there’s one thing you should do for your hair this season, it’s pump up the volume. Whether it’s sky high 60’s inspired volume, big curls coaxed out of natural texture or even crimped- volume is in. Our favourite is hair curled, fluffed and flipped over to the side for extreme height at the root. (Paired with a cozy sweater makes it even better!) Add Great Lengths extensions to really boost volume. 
natural hairstyles with extensions
The ideal bang length for Fall: basically, resting on your lashes. Bangs falling just below the brow from outer corner to outer corner of the eyes will add dimension, contrast and texture. They frame the face with attitude and sophistication and are super flattering. Sure to be seen everywhere as the cooler months arrive, Kerry Washington and Alexa Chung have already rocked this look
    hairstyles for tape in hair extensions
The buttery brown-blonde mashup, like Lily Rose Depp’s, is an amped up version of dark blonde. Butterscotch hair colour is one of the most appealing shades of blonde for women of all ages. It looks great on graying hair as well as on any dark natural shades. A great transition colour for Fall.
hairstyles using extensions
This popular cut for Fall 2017 is like a modern-day Cher style. This cut requires ultra-long hair that falls below the waist, with ends that are razored and thinned, but not blunt. Softness at the ends of the hair allow for movement and balances the heaviness of the length and... is oh so pretty as we move into Fall.
hairstyles using extensions
Modern twists on traditional hairstyles are in. Buns for Fall are sleeker and more styled than the messy bun of Summer. French twists
on clients that have Great Lengths create an oversized proportion that keeps the vintage look modern. A knotted bun at the nape of the neck with twisted strands creates a lovely sleek look with youthful sophistication.
hairstyles using extensions
Contour colouring or “contourage” picks up light and dark shadowing around the face, contouring the hair in a similar way to the make-up technique. Highlighting certain sections of the hair and enhancing length and definition can accentuate facial features, give more definition to bone structure and highlight skin tone, making it a very flattering trend.
natural hairstyles with extensions
The natural look is the biggest trend of this season. Letting hair speak for itself and flow freely, styled simply by the touch of a hand is what dominated the runways this Fall. Hairstylists certainly weren’t pushed for time backstage when styling this look. Pair with fresh makeup and a sweater dress and this is a simply beautiful look.
hairstyles with extensions
A runway favourite, side-parting was everywhere this Fashion Week. Deep side parts are a quick way to change up your regular look with a high-impact. They can be worn with straight sleek hair or loose waves, with an accessory like a grouping of pins or an ornate barrette on the light side of the part, making it a super versatile look for the Fall season.
 hairstyles with extensions
Warm chocolate tones for cool Fall days. A great option for natural brunettes wanting to enrich and spice up their colour. Deeper tones like nutmeg takes basic brown from so-so to sultry. A slight hint of golden brown gives a softer finish. Warm chocolate colours are beautiful on many complexions and really enliven green or brown eyes.  
hairstyles with extensions
Flowing mermaid hair makes for instant style (no effort required). Longer hair means even more room to experiment with colour, layers, and styling. Braids, up-dos, buns can all benefit from extra length. Plus, there’s just something about hair that’s long, curled and tucked under a cute Fall hat! Take medium length hair to mermaid hair in no time with Great Lengths for super satisfied, on-trend clients.


hairstyles with extensions

Caramel highlights, like Chrissy Teigen’s, add instant warmth to your look, making it the perfect way to transition your Summer sun-kissed hair into Fall. Subtle colour can be applied to the bangs, sides or the back sections, to add depth and to brighten natural brunette tones. The possibilities are endless

What trend are you loving for Fall? Let us know!