For Your Inspiration: Iconic Holiday Hair Moments

Dec 16, 2018 10:54:00 AM

Holiday movies and music are as much a part of the holiday season as turkey and gifts. And they’re full of stylish and festive fashion. Cue the hairspiration!


Hairstyle inspirations: Mary Hatch

Donna Reed as Mary Hatch in It’s a Wonderful Life


A must-watch during the holiday season! A large part of the film’s charm comes from Mary Hatch Bailey, George’s love interest played by legendary actress Donna Reed. Her wardrobe, makeup, and of course, her hair, are all on point throughout the film. Even after coming home in the middle of a snowstorm, Mary looks flawless; with a glow about her that is only accentuated by her hair. Always looking fashionable, poised, and elegant; she keeps a household running smoothly amidst holiday chaos and still somehow manages to look like a model in a Macy’s Christmas catalog. Donna Reed, as Mary Hatch, is quintessential ‘40’s style with her tresses styled in this sophisticated, retro curled coif. Classic!



Hairstyle inspirations: Mary Hatch 2

Hairstyle inspirations: Ellen Griswold

Beverly D’Angelo as Ellen Griswold in Christmas Vacation





Beverly D’Angelo, as Ellen Griswold, puts up with a lot of holiday mishaps over the course of National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, but never misses a beat with her hair. From her Hollywood waves, to her pulled back half-up hair, to looking stylish in ear-muffs, she never has a hair out of place. (Probably thanks to her ’80s era use of hairspray.)


Hairstyle inspirations: Ellen Griswold 2
Hairstyle inspirations: Mariah Carey 1 

Mariah Carey, All I Want For Christmas


The extremely popular, All I Want For Christmas Is You, was released by Mariah Carey in November 1994, and the song is still a permanent fixture on Christmas playlists. In the video, Mariah rocks two holiday hairstyles; perfect curls, and braids under her winter hat. The singer, actress and all-round diva’s sense of Christmas spirit and holiday fashion have been iconic and memorable over the years. In 1993, she wore her hair in a retro-inspired style, in 2010 her deep side part and perfect hair flip was the stuff Christmas dreams are made of. Ultimately, her Victoria’s Secret-worthy, always perfect, waves and big curls are Holiday hair goals at their finest!


Hairstyle inspirations: Mariah Carey 2
Hairstyle inspirations: Gwen Stefani


Gwen Stefani, You Make It Feel Like Christmas


Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton have definitely embraced the holiday spirit in their new video for, “You Make It Feel Like Christmas.” As they perform alongside a big band comprised entirely of children, they throwback to classic sophistication and glamour. Dressed in a beautiful retro gown overflowing with glitter, Gwen’s famous platinum blonde hair is worn short, with big, retro waves that will have you thinking of Marilyn Monroe. This iconic, glamorous, vintage-inspired style isn’t the only Christmas look Gwen gets style points for; for the promotion of her Christmas album she wears a super sleek bow-inspired bun and a slick ponytail finished with a soft wave and red ribbon. Both are beautiful and oh so perfect for a flashy yet elegant Christmas look.

Hairstyle inspirations: Gwen Stefani 2