Five Fall Trends, From the Runways

Sep 20, 2018 11:56:00 AM

Fashion shows exemplify the role of the catwalk in creating innovative and lust-worthy hairstyle trends for the upcoming seasons, while demonstrating how hair itself can be a canvas for creativity, imagination, and experimentation. They offer endless hair-spiration, especially for Fall.


Fall is a season for dynamic renewal, for experimentation and fresh approaches to conventional looks. Embrace the transitioning season and try something new! We’ve taken a good look at the Fall 2018 hairstyle trends that rocked the runways and chose five to inspire you as the new season begins.   



Headbands & hair accessories


Headbands, bobby pins, head pieces and hair adornments; hair accessories of all kinds will all be big for Fall, embracing the theme of individualism. Headbands in particular are on trend. Seen on the runway for Tom Ford, Dolce & Gabbana and more, a headband can add style and warmth to a fall ensemble. Ranging from heavily ‘90s inspired, to princess-y with sparkling embellishments, you can use an accessory to pull the hair back or let your locks loose.

hair accessories: headbands and hair accessoriesPrabal Gurung, Tom Ford

For a look with a bit of a punk vibe, Tom Ford models wore thick leather headbands tied around their heads. The stretch zig-zag headbands of yesterday also made an appearance as a fall 2018 hair accessory trend, thanks to Prabal Gurung. Anyone who has worn them may remember that they stretched really well and looked great on most hair types. Also spotted: banana clips. Past trends turned runway chic will definitely please your inner 90’s child!


Another look that’s easy to incorporate into many hair types and styles are classic bobby pins used in creative ways.


hair accessories: headbands and hair accessories


Curtain fringe & variations


hair accessories: curtain fringe and variation

Bangs of all variations have been big in 2018 thus far, and they’ll continue to be in style for Fall. Championed and iconized by Brigitte Bardot, this bang style has been worn by countless women since, especially this year. Pinterest searches for “curtain bangs” rose 600 percent earlier in the year, and continue to be popular as the cooler months arrive.


The long, tapered look works for every texture and length; proportions can be played with to create facial contours, symmetry, and angles. Worn soft, long and side-swept; the piecey and textured bangs are easy to style and versatile to wear – to the side, split down the middle, or flying whichever way they please. However they fall, they're bound to look perfectly tousled.


Curtain fringe are subject to endless variations. Variations seen on the runways of various Fall fashion shows included center-parted at Jason Wu, and side-swept at Fendi.

hair accessories: cute fringe and variationsFendi, Jason Wu, Ashley Williams


Slicked back hair & Sleek ponytails

Slick hair and sleek ponytails create a look of decisiveness and confidence. One of the best examples of this hairstyle trend for Fall 2018 was the vixen-esque slicked back, center-parted hair on the runway at the Brandon Maxwell show. At Alexander McQueen, ponytails were tightly slicked for a daring and provocative look.

hair accessories: slicked back hair and sleek ponytails

The slicked back look is a little easier to incorporate off the runway than its cousin trend, ‘wet hair’. The hyper-sleek style doesn’t flatter all face shapes or aesthetics, but when it does work, it works well.


hair accessories: slicked back hair and sleek ponytails

 The sleek ponytail style is simple but glamorous; glossy, straight strands are understated and elegant. Both looks feature sharp lines that are sleek and chic. For a finish that’s smooth and not greasy, use a hair mousse rather than gel. 


This look is popular off the runway as well, and has been spotted on many celebrities. Think Jennifer Lopez at the 2018 Met Gala.



Messy buns & top knots


Who doesn’t love a messy bun? This simple and quick go-to look was spotted all over Fall 2018 fashion shows. Chanel sent models down the runway sporting them, as did Tom Ford. If anyone was going to make the messy bun feel luxurious - aside from Meghan Markle perhaps - it was going to be Chanel. Designers made this casual style look ultra-chic.

hair accessories: messy buns and top knotsChanel

The messy bun is more fun than its straight-laced cousins for a couple of reasons. Its appeal lies in its ease:  just grab a hair tie and let the magic happen. You’ll create an air of effortless, imperfect, perfection.


hair accessories: messy buns and top knots

This Fall, you can go classic with the straightforward messy bun or top-knot, or you can get a little creative with the approach.


Find inspiration in Chanel’s high messy bun paired with neat, slicked back hair ascending into a messy top knot, for an interesting approach with a beautiful contrast; or look to the styling at Carolina Herrera, where messy buns got a complex makeover with a detailed pin-up configuration and strategic tangles.


hair accessories: intricate braids and braided up-dos

Intricate braids & Braided up-dos


Braids have a romantic, ethereal, storybook appeal. There is something timelessly feminine and alluring about them; they are pretty much ALWAYS on trend, and that’s no different for Fall 2018.


Braids add texture to the hair without being overwhelming. Never confined to any one region,  braids look great from the nape to the crown, making them the perfect choice for many.


Ranging in complexity from the super simple to the challenging, braids are not restricted to any one silhouette this season. You’ll see looks ranging from edgy, rock and roll  to dainty, ballerina braided tiaras. Braids spotted on the runway included face-framing duo braids, braided chignons, delicate and romantic braids, dominatrix-inspired ultra-long braids, futuristic braids, and tiny French braids; the variety was endless; making them something anyone can work into their look this fall.

hair accessories: intricate braids and braided up-dos