Emotions: The 2017 Collection

Mar 22, 2017 4:03:00 PM | Great Lengths Canada, Hair Extensions

Great Lengths Canada introduces: Emotions: the beautiful 2017 Great Lengths Collection


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Luxury and the incredible power of nature, united. 

The collection highlights the variety of looks that can be achieved using Great Lengths. Ten bold looks shows off colour, style, volume, texture and length. Shot on location in the uniquely breathtaking and indescribably beautiful Iceland, the photographer has found inspiration and emotion from the surrounding nature; celebrating the evocative power of natural, volcanic landscapes and free-flowing hair. While the models are delicate in comparison to the vast landscape, they show a strength that appears to defy the elements. They are simply an extension of the beautiful backdrop that is nature and its elements at it’s finest. The hair is at the center of the motif, wild, bold, beautiful and creative, and art in itself. The models’  interaction with the elements of Iceland create an inspired collection, brought to life by Great Lengths International.

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