We launched our exciting #BigDayGiveaway contest at the start of the month! We’re so happy to see the entries rolling in.

We can’t wait to make one Bride’s wishes come true. With the contest closing May 31, we’ll be declaring a winner just in time for the busy Canadian wedding season.

Did you know almost 70% of weddings in Canada take place between June and September? Most, in the month of August.


hair extensions for wedding
hair extensions for wedding
hair extensions for wedding
hair extensions for wedding




We talked to Jessica Kurtz, a Great Lengths stylist in Nanaimo, BC about the photo shoot that resulted in the beautiful bridal photography for the contest.





No wedding dress is complete without the right hair to finish the look! Great Lengths are an incredible solution for a bride-to-be with fine hair, or the bride who wants something spectacular on their special day. A bride can add length, colour, sparkle, or even double or triple the thickness of their hair on their big day. For many women, Great Lengths for their wedding day is a first-time experience that hooks them. This was the case with Chelsea, a bride whose hair we made over for her wedding day in June of 2018.



“It is thanks to my Great Lengths extensions that my hair looked the best it has ever looked, on the most important day of my life. My hair was a huge part of my feeling as beautiful and as confident on my wedding day as I did. I would 100% recommend Great Lengths extensions for brides looking to achieve their dream hairstyle on their wedding day. I had such a good experience and I could not be happier that I decided to get them for my wedding day. I was expecting my hair to be longer and thicker after, but I was not expecting the entire process to be so smooth, and for the extensions to last as long and as well as they have.”

hair extensions before and after

With three different application methods, Great Lengths is a versatile solution, with each method offering different benefits. Thermal fusion keratin bonded extensions, our original method, continues to be the most sought-after extension technique available. Our cold fusion method offers the same incredible results using ultrasonic vibration, rather than heat, to soften and attach the bonds. Each offer incredibly natural results, versatile styling options and several months of maintenance-free wear. And then there are GL Tapes, which incredibly talented Great Lengths stylist, Steven Mathew, raved about in a recent guest blog:



“Personally, I love semi-permanent technology like GL Tapes for quick changes, photoshoots, and especially for brides who want to have dream hair for their bachelorette, big day, AND honeymoon! Lasting approximately 4 weeks between maintenance visits, these are a fantastic choice for guests wanting a quick and reusable hair extension system.” Tapes also offer the benefit of being a quicker and more budget-friendly application.




A wedding is a bride’s day to shine, and a hairstylist’s opportunity to help make that happen. If you’re a bride-to-be, do not miss entering our Big Day Giveaway for your chance to win our $10,000 Great Lengths prize package that includes the installation, styling and removal of our keratin bonded extensions by one of our talented certified stylists, an aftercare kit, and your very own professional photo shoot before your big day, to be featured in a Great Lengths ad.