At Home VS. Professional Hair Extensions

Sep 9, 2019 4:48:00 PM

We firmly believe in the value of education and the importance of quality, and so it should come as no surprise that we think a professional hair extension service, by a qualified professional will far outweigh the results you will achieve with any “at home” hair extensions.


We understand, however, that there may be some appeal to the at home solutions. A clip-in hair extension solution, or a solution offered by an unlicensed professional working out of their house will save you money… upfront. If you’re considering hair extensions, do your research! The wrong choice could lead to poor results and damage to your hair- both of which will likely lead to more of your hard-earned money spent. Let’s take a closer look at a couple of “at home” solutions and our recommended alternatives.



Clip-in extensions are an at home solution which can be applied by the wearer themselves. Clip-ins are wefts of hair that have clips attached at the top. Ranging in 2 to 8 inch widths, they are clipped to the roots of your hair. Sure, they have their pros: you can have longer hair within minutes! (A dream, right?) AND they can be put in and removed whenever you want. Now let’s talk about the cons. Because clip-in extensions are a less expensive option, often times, they are  of lesser quality. The hair will lack durability and the natural blend you desire will be difficult to achieve. They can’t be left in for extended periods of time due to the weight of the clips and base, or you will experience breakage, and the last thing you want to do is damage your natural hair! The weight of the clips and base also mean that clip-ins are also not suitable for thin or fine hair.

Our recommended alternative:

Tape-ins, applied by a trained professional (this part is key).

If you’re looking for a short term solution that will be budget friendly, tape-ins are an excellent option. You don’t have to commit to them long-term if you don’t want to, but they can last up to 8 weeks. And like clip-ins, after you’ve worn them, tape-ins can be reused. Tapes, applied by a professional, will result in no damage to your hair. The application is fast with no heat required and the results are impeccable. Seriously, take a look at the applications below using Great Lengths GL Tapes. A professional stylist achieves professional results, something that may be unlikely with clip-ins at home.




There are a number of unlicensed stylists who, after taking a short course, offer extension services, often out of their home. This will of course, like clip-in’s, save money upfront. We are not saying that these individuals lack talent. However, as stated, Great Lengths is a firm believer in the importance of education and quality. An unlicensed professional who has taken an inexpensive and brief crash course in hair extensions will:

  1. Offer an extension of lesser quality – any unlicensed individual can find a hair source, there are many factories that offer hair extensions to anyone;

  2. Lack the technical understanding of hair that is needed to ensure a healthy and damage-free installation.

  3. Not have the experience and knowledge to deal with the, “what-if’s” that can occur with an improper install (and like clip-ins, an improper install can damage hair and cost more money in the long run)


Our recommended alternative:

A licensed, educated hair extension professional, offering a quality product.


Regardless of the method of hair extension you are interested in, do your research. Find a stylist who has been trained, has created a solid reputation and that uses a brand you can trust. High-end brands, such as Great Lengths, only offer extension products to top-tier stylists who have completed an extensive education program. This ensures clients will receive applications that are professionally and technically superior every time! 


Interested in learning more about Great Lengths application methods (whether tape-ins or fusion bonds) and how they can enhance your hair?