12 Transformations of the Month – 2019 Recap

Dec 20, 2019 12:41:00 PM | Great Lengths, Transformations

Have a look at our Transformation of the Month from each month of 2019! Click through the gallery for some of our favourite highlights from our talented team of Stylists. Learn about each transformation and hear from the stylist about their 2019 highlights, and their thoughts on the upcoming New Year.





hair extensions transformation of the month: january




This transformation was a great way to catch people’s eyes and let the world know that Amber Joy & Co was offering Great Lengths. Much longer, much fuller and simply beautiful, thanks to four bundles of 16” Great Lengths in shades 61 and 63. For the most natural results, half bonds were used in the back, and bonds used through the sides were cut into thirds.


In 2020, Chelsea thinks we’re going to see a lot more of these trends…

“Warm tones and hair accessories! I’m loving seeing people transition away from the silver and grey blondes to embrace bright, warm, natural tones! And accessories have definitely made a huge comeback! I see this continuing into 2020.”


Chelsea’s goals for 2020:

“In 2020, I aim to do more extensions. I found a whole new passion for hair extensions in 2019 and it’s one of my favourite services to offer. The transformation is always so good and I definitely want to up my game for 2020! I’d also like to focus on building my brand. I started a hair accessories company in 2019 and it has been such a fun, creative outlet for me! Doing creative work behind the chair and outside of the salon is amazing!”


Looking back on 2019…

“2019 has been a great year! Highlights included all of my extension makeovers; I love seeing how it transforms the way people view themselves. Another major highlight was the launch of Linay Co. Seeing clients and others wearing my pieces has been awesome.”






hair extensions transformation of the month: february




Steven brought the heat in the February cold with this transformation. This beautiful application of perfectly matched and blended red hair was fittingly done just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Stevens’s 2020 hair resolutions for clients:

“Do your research! If you've made the decision to get hair extensions, don't be afraid to interview several artists in your search. Beware of artists who price their work too low– quite often this is a result of using sub-par quality hair and a careless application. Instead, seek out artists who show what their work looks like "on the inside", as well those who can tell you what part of the world their hair was sourced, how it was processed, and justify the quality of their work with a fair price tag.”

Steven’s personal mantra for 2020:

“Visions yield ideas, intentions yield desires, but actions yield results."

His tips for stylist success in 2020:

“In 2019, the internet saw the launch of a slew of new hair extension application techniques, products and brands. Some good, and some questionable. I believe it will continue to be important to provide several different application solutions for clients in 2020. With that said, stylists should look past what's trending and focus on fundamentals of safe hair integration for their success. They should look to certify with a brand that backs up their product, and offers on-going quality education and support for stylists.”






hair extensions transformation of the month: march



Just like magic. This unbelievable transformation from Burlington Beauty Bar was our pick for March Transformation of the Month. We think it's pretty clear why. Marianne completely transformed this lucky guest’s hair.

The highlight of her year?

“2019 marks my 10 year anniversary of being in business for myself! It’s been the best adventure. Hitting the 10 year mark, as well as getting the chance to meet a lot of fantastic people in the industry have been true highlights of 2019.”

Marianne’s goals for 2020:

“In 2020, I want to keep learning and take any opportunity to do further education. I also want to teach as many people as possible and be part of the emergence of more really successful stylists!”

IN for 2020?

“I think we’ll see fabulous wine colours become big, and cuts that have blunt, fuller lines with less wisp.”






hair extensions transformation of the month: april



Jo-anny’s favourite hair colour shines in this transformation featuring a full head of Great Lengths. A perfect colour match!

Jo-anny’s highlight of 2019:

“The opening of Le Lowkey!”

Her goals for 2020:

“Since I just opened my salon in April of 2019, my salon will continue to be my main focus in the New Year. I’d also like to do a lot more hair extensions.”

Her prediction for what’s trending in 2020:

“Hair accessories!”






hair extensions transformation of the month: may



Francesca helped this client head into Spring with beautiful, fresh #longhairgoals. This total hair makeover used four bundles of 20 inch Great Lengths, in three different shades to help this client go from short, thin and wispy hair, to long and full, healthy looking waves.


Francesca’s mantra for the New Year:

“My personal mantra for 2020 is “Focus on the good, and the good will get better.” There are a lot of negatives you can focus on; instead turn it around and the positives will roll in and won’t stop coming.”

In 2020, Francesca encourages clients resolve to:

“Definitely get the right professional salon products that suit their hair best! I cannot stress to my clients enough, when you are spending a great amount on your hair, you need to maintain the look with proper salon products.”

Her salon highlight of the year:

“The Brush House has only been open for two years and it has grown so fast. My 2019 highlight was definitely seeing that growth of existing/new clients, and our filled chairs. We are a family and making people feel at home and comfortable in the salon was, and is, a great feeling.”






hair extensions transformation of the month: june



Helene used 18” GL Tapes to transform this guest’s shoulder-length hair to #longhairgoals. The happy guest loved the easy to manage, lightweight results! (And was even happier that her extensions could be reused!)

Helene’s mantra for 2020:

“Dream bigger, do bigger.”

Her trend prediction for the New Year:

“I think people will really embrace the natural look, natural waves, natural texture… embrace your natural beauty.” 😀

Her 2019 salon highlight:

“The highlight of my year was seeing all of my clients leave happy, having them refer me to family and friends, and seeing how many of my clients still continue to support me after 10 years in the industry.”





hair extensions transformation of the month: july



Mary Anne used customized Great Lengths to create a multi-tonal blonde for this lucky client. The perfectly blended colours created a beautifully natural final look.

In 2020, Mary Anne thinks clients should resolve to…

“Take good care of their hair! Treat yourself to hair masks, enjoy me time, and think MORE MOISTURE! Give your hair a break, try hairstyles that don’t require the use of heat. And, I’m encouraging clients to put more research into the colour and product lines they use. Invest more in self-care to help grow longer, stronger, healthier hair.”

Her goals for 2020:

“In the new year, I will be focusing on my bridal business and growing a brand to help connect my future brides with other vendors. I want to help Brides with their special day, not just in terms of their bridal hairstyle, but also in terms of the bigger picture and how to achieve their dream wedding.”

The highlight of her year?

“I have a couple! We had a lot of involvement in the community during our sustainable beauty month. We achieved a 96% retention rate with our clients and because of this success we’re making the move to a bigger location to help serve our clients better.”






hair extensions transformation of the month: august



This was Kamala’s very first Great Lengths client! Five bundles and four and a half hours later, we’d say she nailed it. Kamala loved every minute of the process and was so excited with the end result.


Kamala’s 2019 salon highlight is one we love:

“In 2019 I was certified in Great Lengths cold fusion extensions and I absolutely fell in love with them!”

Her goals for 2020 are big:
“I would like to open up my own boutique-style salon in my small town, offering the ultimate guest experience.

Her prediction for 2020 hair trends?

“Over the next year, I think we will see the “boho” style become more and more popular. Soft, blended, dimensional colour and long hair!”






hair extensions transformation of the month: september



Meg’s client, Jelisa, came to her with medium length, fine textured, virgin hair. Together, they decided to use 20” fusion extensions to add a few inches of length while building a more voluminous appearance overall. 150 half bonds in shade 1b were used. Meg concentrated on the bottom 3 inches of Jelisa’s hairline; over her ears and on the sides of her head to ensure the length and density matched the back. She then filled in the back of her hair focusing placement of the bonds over her occipital bone, where her hair is naturally most dense.

According to Meg, success in 2020 needs…

“A key component of being successful in the hair and beauty industry is introducing a culture of community over competition; working together instead of against each other.”

Her goals for 2020:

“I want to have extensions clients consume 40% of my schedule.”

The highlight of her year?

“One of my many 2019 salon highlights was being rewarded with a trip to NYC during Fashion week in September, to attend the first ever Behind.The.Scene Kevin.Murphy class.





hair extensions transformation of the month: october



This major transformation had Ashlee using a full head of 20 inch Great Lengths. Seven bundles, in colours #23, #61, #27 and #59 were used. Ashlee used shade #61 though the bottom to create a natural looking shadow, and blended shades #23, #27 and #59 to create this natural looking cool blonde.

Ashlee recommends clients resolve to…

“Enhance what you have, don’t try to go against your natural beauty… embrace it!”

Her tips for stylist success in 2019 are simple…

“A happy client is the best business strategy of all. Keeping my clients happy and giving them a reason to stay loyal; this is why I do what I do and why I’m able to be successful in the beauty industry.”

IN for 2019?

“I think we’re going to see a lot more lived-in looks.... brondes, buttery blondes, big bouncy natural curls and silky smooth straight looks.”






hair extensions transformation of the month: november



This client chose Great Lengths for her first-ever hair extension experience. Angela used four bundles of 12 inch Great Lengths in colours #1b, #02 and #03. Three and a half of those bundles were customized into fine bonds for a beautifully natural result that her client absolutely loved. Angela’s transformation exceeded expectations for a guest that is obsessed with her new hair.

Angela’s tip for stylist success in 2020:

“Outside of staying highly educated, I think it’s important to keep the focus on professionalism and salon culture. Focus on a flawless overall client experience, from beginning to end. Execute everything a client needs, and doesn’t even know they want.”

Her goals for 2020:

“My goals for the New Year are: to continue elevating my one-on-one interactions and services with my clients, to grow my brand, and to put a strong focus on Great Lengths and grow my GL client list.”

Her 2019 highlight:

“My studio, Alchemy the Studio, turned 1 at the start of October!”






hair extensions transformation of the month: december


Jessica helped this client get the long, thick mermaid hair of her dreams with five 5 bundles of 16”. Currently on maternity leave, Jessika’s client had lost a lot of hair due to the hormone changes that came with pregnancy. The transformation was actually done over two days; the new mom had to leave and care for her baby!

Jessika’s 2020 hair-related New Year’s resolution for clients:

“DO NOT cut your own bangs! Especially if you're going through something!”

When asked if there’s a need-to-know for success in 2020, Jessika said:

“I don't think there is a need to know, BUT there has to be a WANT to know. Being open to change and different methods is key!”

Her goal for 2020?

“All I want for 2020 is to make everyone feel like the best version of themselves. ”