10 Golden Rules for Taking Care of Great Lengths This Winter

Dec 16, 2018 10:52:00 AM

We all want shiny, healthy hair whatever the weather, but the cold of winter can notoriously cause hair to become dry, tangled and frizzy. Luckily you can banish bad hair days by following our top 10 winter hair care tips. Share with your clients to maintain beautiful hair, despite the elements.



1. Shampoo Twice

Wash less frequently, but shampoo twice – the first shampoo alone will not remove the full amount of build-up and toxins from the hair.


2. End Your Shower with A Cold Rinse

A cool rinse seals conditioner and closes the cuticle, which can prevent the loss of natural oils from the hair. It will also help conditioning agents and hair masks work better, and allow keratin treatments and hair colour to last longer. Cold water has its benefits for the scalp as well!



3. Condition

The weather can dehydrate hair, just as it can skin. Heat and friction (hello winter hats) interfere with the natural structure of hair and harm hair cuticles, leading to hair that is brittle and dull-looking. To retain moisture, avoid tangling, and stay soft and shiny, it’s worthwhile to invest in nourishing products and treat hair to a weekly hair mask. Give hair some TLC with Great lengths Extra Rich Hair-Mask. It helps nourish, prevents damage and smooths damaged cuticles by repairing and strengthening hair.



4. Follow up

The high pH level of water can cause scalps to dry out, resulting in dandruff. To counter, we suggest following up with Great Lengths Anti Tap Water as a leave-in treatment after every shampoo. The complex formula of Panthenol, Biotin and their patented GSP-T regulates the pH level of the hair and scalp, helping to control dandruff. Bonus: it leaves hair silky, shiny and static free.


5. Brush Your Hair Three Times A Day

Brushing extensions (and hair in general!) is key to healthy-looking hair during winter months. For perfectly shiny and untangled tresses, we recommend brushing hair three times a day: once in the morning, once throughout the day and once before going to bed. Try the Great Lengths Acca Kappa brushes; available in a handbag size, they’re perfect for taming tresses on the go.



6. Keep Knots at Bay with Fuss-Free Hairstyles

Keeping hair smooth and tangle free is easier with simple everyday styles. A sleek ponytail is a quick, effortless style that will keep environmental damage at bay, while preventing tangling and knotting from windy winter weather. For something a little more intricate, try a fishtail braid. Be sure to avoid harsh hair elastics! 



7. Use Less Heat

Even though you must blow dry Great Lengths bonds or tapeline, you’re free to leave the length to dry naturally whenever possible. With excess dryness in the air already, using heated styling tools will only increase the level of damage. Cutting back on heat styling in the winter is essential- it will make a world of difference in the quality of the hair!



8. But Never Go Outside with Damp Hair

When water reaches a freezing point, it solidifies and expands by almost 10 percent. When you step out with wet hair on a cold day, water molecules adhered to the hair's outer cuticle layer solidify and expand. This can cause the hair shaft to swell and the cuticle layer to lift, leaving hair vulnerable. When hair freezes, it naturally becomes less pliable—like an icicle, frozen locks can easily snap.



9. Line your Winter Hat

Warning: Wool, cotton, and other coarse fabrics can cause split ends and breakage. For a hat that’s easier on the hair, always line wool, acrylic, and/or cotton hats with silk or satin.


10. Secure Your Hair Extensions Before Going to Sleep

Securing your hair extensions for sleeping will help make styling your hair the following day much easier. To avoid tangling and to keep extensions smooth, braiding hair before bed is always wise.