Oct 12, 2021 10:47:34 PM | Application, Great Lengths, Hair Extensions, Colours

Just in time for Halloween!


So here is the real talk: Colour is damaging on the hair. And vibrant fantasy colours? Well, you can find them of the damage hill.


So what do we do when Halloween is approaching and you need some pop of colour to complete your look? Or when you want to experiment with some pink highlights or some red peek-a-boo streaks? How does one live out their mermaid dreams of an ocean blue Ombre without the fear of breakage and split ends?


Enter: Great Lengths Fashion shades.


Applied like all Great Lengths extensions, the fashion shades allow you to experiment with colours, whether it be for spooky –season or otherwise, without any fear of damaging your natural hair!


21 bright, vibrant, damage-free shades of rainbow perfection are ready for your next appointment.


What is your favourite way to style fashion colours?


Here is some inspo!



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