6 reasons Great Lengths are World-leading Extensions

Apr 15, 2019 5:52:00 PM

As an indisputable champion of quality, Great Lengths occupies a leading place in the global market. Founded in Rome in 1985, Great Lengths now flourishes in over fifty countries across the world. Here are just six of the many reasons that Great Lengths are world leading extensions.



1. Great Lengths is premium quality. 💯

Our gently processed, expertly-blended, long-lasting extensions are qualitatively better than other hair extension products. This level of quality ensures superior performance for both the stylists applying them and the guests wearing them. Our patented keratin bond combined with 100% virgin remy hair result in extensions that look and feel exactly like your own hair. We accept nothing less than excellence, for a product that promises a perfect blend and natural looking finish, every time.



2. Great Lengths extensions are ethically sourced.

100% traceable and 100% ethical. The process of sourcing Great Lengths hair starts at a Hindu temple in Tirumala, India. Hundreds of families, men and women, make the pilgrimage to this temple every year to voluntarily donate their hair in a process called ‘tonsuring’. In donating their hair, they give thanks, often after a joyous occasion.



3. Our extensions offer social benefits.

We offer a product you can feel genuinely good about using. The hair is sold to Great Lengths at a fair and reasonable price. All money exchanged through the sale is used by Indian Temples to support important community projects such as medical aid and education.



4. All extensions are blended by hand.

In line with our promise of premium quality, all of our hair extensions are expertly blended strand by strand, by hand to create our full colour range, Our hand-blending ensures a natural look, and a process that treats the hair with the utmost care, ensuring the quality and integrity is never compromised.



5. We’re proud to make our products in Italy

Specially trained employees in Italy work to create the extensions so many people wear and love. Human rights, local traditions and ethical values are respected to the fullest extent in a working environment that has the highest levels of quality, safety, security and environmental certifications. 🙌



6. Great Lengths are a safe and eco-compatible beauty tool

We know how important hair is to overall self-image, so we place huge value on naturalness and customization. Great Lengths is Hair Like You, designed to enhance individual beauty in whichever way a guest desires. Produced in full respect of human rights and ethical values they are a beauty tool synonymous with self-care, empowerment, creativity and individuality.