HAIR LIKE YOU is a synonym for "bespoke hair", meaning that it can be completely customized as the client wishes.

Usually, extensions are solely perceived as a way to give the client longer and fuller hair in an eye-catching way. However, there are actually many ways that extensions can accentuate natural hair.

Women who prefer a minimalistic and natural look can choose extensions too, as they can be truly subtle and considered as a flexible beauty tool.

Extension hair styles
Unique EXTENSION hair STYLES for unique personalities
We promise you the hair you've always wanted

HAIR LIKE YOU showcases different hair styles on models: not only long hair, but also medium and short length hairstyles. What they have in common is volume, which can, thanks to the application of Great Lengths extensions, be perfectly controlled and look effortless and natural.

It is common knowledge in the hair industry and all around the world, that one of the features women desire the most, at any age, is voluminous healthy looking hair.
The six models from the HAIR LIKE YOU campaign have their own unique style - from Flavia’s overstated volume to Alesia’s seamless cut – but they all share a definition of shape, volume, color and texture, that is personalized according to the model’s face and personality.

The extensions experience
A journey into femininity and power

When interviewed about their experience wearing Great Lengths Hair Extensions, the models from the campaign highlighted how it was their first time ever wearing extensions and they all commented on an unexpectedly positive experience. They were surprised by the fact that the extensions appeared and felt exactly like their own hair and that they were completely invisible and very comfortable.

Model Anja commented: "Wearing extensions gave me such a positive feeling, I felt so confident, powerful and flawless".

At the heart of Italy
A Contemporary set at Palazzo Doria Pamphilj in Rome

Paying homage to its heritage, the campaign was shot in Rome, the iconic city, where Great Lengths was founded and where its biggest production plant is located. The Dorja Pamphilj Palace is an exquisite museum with a priceless collection of Italian and European Renaissance and Baroque paintings. Exceptionally, this was the first time ever that the palace granted permission for a photographic shooting. The aim of the campaign was to enhance the concept of beauty in all its shades merging the historical setting with a contemporary look.


The soundtrack of the campaign has been inspired by this unique location, mixing two completely different genres: baroque and electronic music. The track revolves around the re-sampling of a Frescobaldi air reworked throughout the composition. The result is a dream-like journey between ethereal voices and ongoing rhythmical shifts.

Enjoy the video!


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Art Director: Rossano Ferretti

Creative Directors: Alessandro Molinari & Elisa Barbieri

Photographer: Andrea Olivo