We are a B Corp

Mar 7, 2022 2:55:30 PM





To us, being a B Corp means bringing ethics into business, feeding a virtuous circle where community, business, and environment connect and benefit mutually.
Becoming a B Corp is a journey of responsibility towards the planet. The core of this philosophy is respect for the environment and the people within it.
When people choose B Corp-certified products, our customers choose a noble cause that stands for an ethical business, that will reinvest in positive ventures like an infinite circle.
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The spirituality of the Nature

In this increasingly developed and fast-paced reality, we look for an intimate and less hectic dimension, where we can slow down and appreciate the quality of life.
The American poet Emily Elizabeth Dickinson, lived by this philosophy, choosing to spend her time away from the city’s vanities. Her poems are born out of this introspective experience, where Nature is a recurring theme because it becomes the key to unlocking the door to meditation.
Dickinson’s love of the living world drove her to pour all her energy and passion into her writings, as she embarked on a journey of spiritual growth towards achieving intimate self-knowledge and a better understanding of the meaning of life. 


Nature is what we see


“Nature” is what we see—

 The Hill—the Afternoon—

 Squirrel—Eclipse—the Bumble bee—

 Nay—Nature is Heaven—

 Nature is what we hear—

 The Bobolink—the Sea—

 Thunder—the Cricket—

 Nay—Nature is Harmony—

 Nature is what we know—

 Yet have no art to say—

 So impotent Our Wisdom is

 To her Simplicity.


Nature is everywhere, and we can perceive it through our senses, admiring and feeling its presence.
When we listen to our natural urges, we project ourselves into a spiritual dimension of inner awareness. 
In Paradise harmony surrounds us, but we cannot express it. The more human knowledge becomes articulated, the less we can represent the simplicity of nature. 


Even though humankind's progress is always faster and its inventions more and more extraordinary, the greatness of the universe will undoubtedly be unreachable.


Over the last few decades, several companies have followed a philosophy that respects the needs and values of the world.