Wandering the City

Mar 10, 2020 1:02:00 PM


“Wandering the City” is the first episode of the multi-faceted storytelling created by Great Lengths for its 2020 communication and entitled “The Great Italian Journey”, as a tribute to Goethe’s travel literature masterpiece “Italian Journey”.


Why Sicily and why Palermo?

Sicily, first of all, offers a rich point of departure to reimagine a new Italian identity, where made-in-Italy coexists with innovation.

Palermo, actually, is not a random choice: the Sicilian County Seat is a treasure of historical beauty, one of the liveliest European cities and finally, an urban labyrinth, where colorful folklore is still alive whilst at the same time, an artistic rebirth is taking place. This rebirth stems primarily from the recent private initiative to undertake the renovation of Palazzo Butera, an extraordinary 18th century estate, located right on the seafront in the historical city centre, and to transform it into a library, a set of galleries for temporary exhibitions and the display of private art collections.


Wandering the Palermo streets is a taste of Dolce Vita, that tranquil lifestyle that tourists coming to Southern Italy have been looking for, since the end of the 18th century, when artists from Northern European countries ventured to Italy for its warm light, bright colors and ancient heritage.


Inspired by this kind of cultural experience of 19th century, five women, coming from every corner of the world, travel to Sicily to discover the sweet magic atmosphere of the lemon-trees land.

Their elegant, minimalistic beauty stands out in the pop setting of the food-markets, in the baroque one of Quattro Canti or in the Renaissance one of the Pretoria Fountain.

How could the artistic team create such hair styles, that are discreet protagonists, with their tiny fullness?

On the Chinese woman, whose name is Y-Zan, GL Tapes and GL Tapes Plus (shades 1B and 02 in 18”) were applied. Her hair has been cut with the Ferretti’s invisible cut, to make the extensions completely imperceptible.

On Laurel, coming from NYC, GL pre-bonded were applied in shades 01 and 01b in 28”.


The enhancing of everyday, natural, personal beauty goes on.

And it’s still “hair like you“!