Ursula Sienko - Tress Success

Jul 16, 2021 4:47:41 PM

It was her own frustration at not being able to grow her hair past her

shoulders that set Ursula Sienko on a search that ultimately resulted in a business concept. “Once I experienced my Great Lengths Extensions in my hair, I knew I wanted to share that with other women,” she says.


Sienko, a master extension artist, has opened three locations of her Hair Fusion Bar—one in New Jersey and two in Illinois. She and her team perform her signature hair extension services using Great Lengths and the HairUWear family of brands.


“Nothing makes me happier than to watch the smile and sense of confidence that appears after a service,” says Sienko. “It’s so rewarding to transform our client’s lives while providing a financially rewarding career for our stylists.”


Tailor Made Experience 

At her locations, the artists have been trained by Sienko and every extension service is carefully customized to meet the desired needs of each client. “After the stylists have received Great Lengths certification, I stand side-by-side with them until they master the craft. It has to be done the correct way.”


A thorough consultation kickstarts each service; this allows client and extension expert to ask questions, get answers, and form a plan. “This is not one size fi ts all,” Sienko explains. “We customize the hair to fi t their hair density. We go over the hair extension samples and all the details involved in creating their desired look.”


For a stylist looking to specialize or for a salon considering an extension system, the quality of the extension hair is extremely important. But equally crucial is a good quality bond or attachment on the extension, Sienko says.


“This is something that not everyone talks about but it’s so important. When a Great Lengths bond gets wet, it expands and contracts, just as your hair would, naturally. This is because it’s a keratin protein bond, and it acts like hair would act.”


The acceptance and popularity of extensions has greatly increased since she fi rst discovered Great Lengths, Sienko concludes. “We can accomplish so much with extensions—the opportunity for this line of revenue has never been greater.”


In a video interview with MODERN SALON, Sienko explains that what she provides is a truly, one-of-a-kind experience.