New colours for hair extensions are here...Just in time for summer 2021!

May, 10 2021

This is not a drill…REPEAT…This is not a drill!


05.04.21 A


Get ready to transform your style! 



Pre-bonded TWO TONE: Each strand features a blend of two colours to create ‘reversible’ stands, with a darker colour on top and lighter one beneath, resulting in a truly natural effect.


Photo Apr 03, 4 30 18 PM

Colours 1B/03 and 03/05 were applied to create this look.

GL Tapes PIANO shades: Inspired by the contrasting light and dark keys of a piano, GL Tapes Piano extensions add dimensional colour results - perfect for a no fuss shade upgrade, without the need for permanent chemical colour.
Photo Apr 03, 1 51 38 PM
Colours 63/61 and 84/09 were applied to create this look.


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