A Magnificent View

Apr, 6 2020



“A Magnificent View” is the second episode of the Great Lengths 2020 communication campaign, inspired to Goethe’s Italian travel diary. This episode is the metaphoric sunrise of the protagonists’ journey, a beginning full of desire to be open to new experiences, in a new place.


A woman opens the book and suddenly it’s a fresh autumn morning, with a weak sunlight seeping in through the shutters. So the story begins in an intimate mood, as the protagonists wake up in a peculiar place, which is not so obviously connected to the sicilian tradition: it is actually a Chinese Palace, a gorgeous building located inside a park just outside Palermo, and former royal residence of the House of Bourbon-Two Sicilies designed in the style of Chinoiserie. Today it is a museum and a rare example of eclectic architecture.


The atmosphere of the location, full of contrasts, suggests the shape of the mind, where everything co-exists at the same time: past and future, memory and imagination. Different places appear and the physical journey becomes a dreamy one.


Contrast is the leit-motiv of the female aestethic look&feel: outfits range from bright or pastel solid colours to black&white, while all hairstyles are contemporary, minimalistic pull-ups, of different shapes, ranging from chignons to braids to ‘60s volumes.

Romana, the main protagonist of the story (she’s the woman who kicks off the day by opening the windows on an enchanting Italian garden), wears a mix of GL TAPES and GL TAPES+, both in 04 and 06 shades, applied skillfully by the international Great Lengths hairdressers’ team.