Fashion Color Collection: new colored hair extensions


Within a huge number of different existing shades, the new colors are the main distinguishing feature for the most audacious and bold looks. These new colors have been conceived for people to express their personality and feelings while setting never ending and gritty trends. Crystals are so precious precisely because they bring us out of everyday reality and are able to open us up to a landscape of creativity and inspiration; this is exactly how Great Lengths was inspired to create this new collection.


12 unique colors

The collection consists of 12 colors that stem from the inspiration of naturalness, preciousness and authenticity and allow people to daydream with colors inspired by nature and precious stones. The 12 colors are available in length 12’’, 16’’ and 20’’ for Great Lengths Pre-Bonded, Pre-Bonded Mini and Tapes.



12 unique colors

The special feature of these new shades is that they are extremely intense and vibrant, allowing for fashionable looks such as mermaid effect, peekaboo effect or grey blending. The 12 colors are grouped according to different inspirations: the greys are based on precious stones, four colors in the collection came from the inspiration of flowers, another four from the immensity of the ocean and its elements and finally the two greens from the earth.

inspired by stones 

Within the collection we present you the two greys: Platinum Silver and Graphite Silver.


    The Platinum Silver shade is a true gem in the new collection. In nature, pure well-formed crystals of platinum are very rare and precious, like our shade.
    This specific color is absolutely fashionable, gritty and suitable for the most sophisticated and characterful personalities. It can be blended together with other colors from the new collection, such as Rose Quartz, to achieve a voluminous effect with great personality.



    Conceived to create wonderful effects such as balayage, this Graphite inspired color will add incredible depth to the look. Cool, vivid and intense, it reminds to the color of the graphite mineral which intensity has almost a magical dimension.

    Graphite is a mineral which converts to diamond under high pressure or temperatures and this particular feature is what inspired Great Lengths while the creation of this new shade.


Within this collection the colors chosen were inspired by the naturalness of nature: Rose Quartz, Flamingo Tourmaline, Fuchsia Agate, Pomegranate Jasper.


    Romantic and elegant, this rose shade is inspired by Rose Quartz tones. It confers to any look an unforgivable charme by emitting a vibration of love and serenity.
    It can enable multiple effects, either used individually or mixed with other pink or grey shades for amazing blending effects. A cool and refined shade that match perfectly even with the Natural colors’ selection by Great Lengths.


    Sparkling as Flamingo, intense as Tourmaline. This pink is an evergreen: one of the must-haves for the creation of original looks. Infinite trendy possibilities, it’s difficult to resist this intense cotton candy shade.
    Delicate and refined and yet with a touch of originality, this shade allows for multiple looks such as balayage or peekaboo effect.

    An extremely vivid shade inspired by the tones of Agate, this bright fuchsia is a real trendsetter that won’t go unnoticed.
    This modern and fashionable shade brings our souls to life. Pink is the color of 2022, from the catwalks to the most casual looks, it never misses and never tires. Symbol of love, energy and freedom, it gives each look a touch of originality and boldness.

    A powerful red with hot orange undertones that recalls Pomegranate Jasper color. This strong and bright shade is perfectly suited to add a vibrant touch to any look. A shade that sparks imagination, designed for the most outgoing and self-confident personalities.


Within the collection, we present you four colors inspired by the depth and immensity of the ocean: Cyclamen Onyx, Purple Amethyst, Sky Blue Sodalite and Deep Sapphire.


    Cyclamen Onyx recalls the elements of the ocean and its energetic and magical atmosphere. A touch of Lilac and Magenta to make any hairstyle bloom with glamour.

    A cool and intense shade that enhance the look by giving personality and charme. It could be applied as unique color or mixed with other shades to create trendy effects such as peekaboo or mermaid effects.


    Purple rain vibes only, thanks to this incredibly vibrant shade! Inspired by the deep tones of Amethyst, this purple is a real explosion of color.

    The meaning of amethyst is attached to serenity, understanding, trust and grace. The application of purple amethyst hair extensions to natural hair will give a touch of uniqueness and personality.


    Our Sky Blue Sodalite is reminiscent of denim tones and is therefore a timeless trend. It is also a shade reminiscent of the colour of the sea, a dusty, desaturated colour between light blue and grey.

    This shade is undoubtedly a sophisticated and intense color and it conveys a touch of uniqueness and at the same time refinement and mystery.

    Deep as the ocean, this Sapphire blue is perfect for the most sophisticated hairstyles. A strong and intense color that will live everyone amazed.
    The new Deep Sapphire shade evokes the purity and intensity of the ocean, infusing the look with depth and sophistication.


Among the new fashion colours, there are two colours inspired by the naturalness of the earth: Green Peridot and Pure Emerald.


    Sparkling and fresh like Lime Peridot, this shade is perfect to enrich any bold look. Vibrant and bright, it confers the taste of a lime and is the perfect hair ally for the summer.
    Green Peridot is suitable for recreating color effects such the peekaboo effect with various Great Lengths shades or for combining it with natural hair.

    Precious and intense like Emerald, this green will easily renew any hairstyle with its unmistakable charme.
    Outstanding and refined, this shade is deep and intense and it is the perfect ingredient for the most daring looks. Perfect for adding vitality to the hairstyle by creating a chemical-free balayage.