The Enchanted Tree

May 12, 2020 4:57:00 PM


“The Enchanted Tree” is the fourth episode of the “The Great Italian Journey”, Great Lengths 2020 communication campaign, inspired to Goethe’s Italian travel diary.

This story focuses on the celebration of the female beauty in its very essence, without any addition, and - instead - with a soft and natural feel.


The episode starts with the group of foreign women visiting Palermo standing in a very special setting, a sort of mysterious place, that only good connoisseurs of the city can recognize as a real garden, whereas the majority of people may think it to be an artificial set. The protagonists of the story slowly move in the shadow of a giant tree, a venerable 25m-high, 150-year old giant Ficus Benjamin, whose huge size and peculiar shape create a sort of protected, secluded and arcane wooden dome. Actually, the magic of this incredible Ficus are its thick aerial roots, as big as trunks, who hang in the air before they reach the ground again, looking like an elegant ancient colonnade or like outstanding hairs’ enlargement under the microscope. This wonderful and oldest tree in Palermo, is placed right in the city center of the city, in a small park in a very quiet square surrounded on all sides by elegant palazzi.


This extraordinary setting makes of this story the most symbolic of the series: the explorers’ experience is not only a physical journey, but also an internal one, holding the power of imagination and the bliss of a youthful dream.


In particular, we would like to draw your attention to Agatha, the woman in a dark pants suit with mid-length curly hair. Intense chocolate-shaded extensions are used on her not to build length, but to give a feminine volume to a full head of hair, that could be worn by any woman looking for a warm and sophisticated look.


The Great Lengths international stylists’ team shaped for Agatha what is one of the most widespread women’s aspirations: voluminous, naturally wavy hair. In particular the Great Lengths’ US-stylist and trainer Nanci Lee used GL Tapes on the interior to give fullness and GL Pre-Bonded on the perimeter to create a seamless blend. She achieved the curl pattern by using a diffuser on the loose wave pattern of Great Lengths’ hair. This has made of Agatha, an incredible model and actress who has been mastering the set scene, a contemporary woman who likes to play with contrasts: a minimalistic professional clothes’ choice combined with a loose, sensual hair look.