All prices are to understand excl VAT and possibly other public taxes. All sales take place at the delivery date's prices 


2.Ordering goods

Ordering items can be done via email, phone, SMS, or directly via the online store. Your order before 12.00 will normally be processed the same day on ordinary working days. If you register an order for an item that turns out to be sold out, we reserve the right to cancel the order or have it on a residual order or offer an alternative that you can accept or reject.



3.Payment terms

Net pr 10 days.

We charge NOK 19 for the administration fee per invoice and NOK 95 for paper invoices. Electronic invoices (EHF) and invoices for email (PDF) are free.If the payment is not registered by the due date, a fee will be added, as well as interest on arrears, cf. the late payment act, § 3a, and Regulations on interest in the event of late payment and compensation for recovery costs. If payment is still omitted, a collection notice will be sent. The claim is then sent for collection and additional costs will be incurred.


4. Salespledge

GLN has a sales lien on the goods until full payment has been received, cf. the Pledge Act section 3-14 to 3-22. The ownership of the item does not pass to the buyer until he has settled his total obligations arising from the mutual business relationship.


5. Delivery terms


Returns of current goods will not be accepted unless it is a question of returning incorrectly sent goods. Any return is not accepted without prior approval from one of the company's representatives. The notice must be given no later than 14 days after receiving goods. If such an agreement does not exist, returns received will not be credited.

Returned goods must be priced, in full packaging, and good salable condition. Returned goods that arrive damaged due to poor packaging will not be credited.

Returned goods should preferably be sent with Bring. The completed return form must be attached where it clearly states the customer number, name, reason for return, reference to order/invoice number. In the event of incorrect ordering of purchases, where goods are sent back, shipping will be charged to the customer.


6. Return shipping

For all returns, you are responsible for the item arriving at us, unless otherwise agreed, and also for the shipping cost. If your order is incorrectly packed, the return shipping will be refunded in the form of a credit note.


7. Personal data

We process your data by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and national data protection legislation and our guidelines. Below you can read a summary of how, why and for how long we process your data, but we strongly recommend that you read our privacy policy where you will find thorough details and information about the processing of your data.

When you get in touch with us by purchasing via our online store or customer service, we must process personal information about you to help you in the very best way. We can process the following categories of personal information: Name, address, E-mail address, telephone number, country, payment information, and IP address

The above personal information is processed together with information about the goods you have purchased for several different purposes, e.g. to be able to send your order, offer customer service, handle returns and refunds, as well as fulfill legal obligations, such as bookkeeping and consumer purchase legislation. We only process your data as long as we have a specific purpose for it.

Via your account on our website, you will be able to log in and find your order history for both new and previous orders.


8. Newsletter

When you register, you will receive emails and SMS from GLN with inspiration, exclusive offers, and personal recommendations. Messages include content from Great Lengths.com. We use your purchases and browsing data to tailor the offers we send you. You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the link at the bottom of each email or updating your account settings.


9. Force Majeur

GLN`s liability lapses if the delay is due to a delivery impediment that GLN could not avoid with reasonable means. If such delivery obstacles occur, the delivery time is extended by the time the obstacle lasts. In the event of a longer duration, the agreement may be terminated by a party when continued binding will seem unreasonable. If one of the parties wishes to make use of this point, this must be done in writing without exception.


10. Disputes

Any dispute between GLN and the buyer related to the content of the above sales and delivery conditions, including agreements entered into in connection with these, shall be attempted to be resolved through negotiations. If the negotiations do not succeed, the dispute shall be resolved by Norwegian law by ordinary court proceedings with the Oslo District Court as a venue.


11. Contact information

Great Lengths Nordic AS

Peder Krohgsvei 4 C

1065 Oslo



Organisasjonsnummer: 927 969 157

Mail : post@greatlengthsnordic.no

Telefon: + 47 40464065